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Chapter 244: Drain

Yun Liqin couldn’t help but laugh at this situation.

This child is obviously a seven-year-old kid, but his appearance looks very arrogant.

And he acted like an elder more than her: Is this how Yun Shishi educate her child

Yun Liqin who was standing on the side open her mouth again and said: “A child like you wouldn’t understand.

We’ll wait here until your mother comes back.

We have something to say to her!”

Youyou looks up and swept his cold eyes over to Yun Liqin.

His cold eyes look as fierce as a reigning emperor.

He looks very matured and arrogant, so Yun Liqin couldn’t help but shrink.

She even felt timid for a minute, so she just closed her mouth tightly to hide it!

After thinking carefully, she felt something wrong.

This child is still young, but his eyes were full of murderous intent, this is really… … unbelievable!

“You don’t need to beat around the bush in front of me.

If it’s about borrowing money, just go straight to the point.” Youyou said coldly and with a bit trace of command.

Yun Yecheng and Yun Liqin couldn’t help but look at each other in shock.

Yun Yecheng couldn’t conceal the embarrassment in his face: “Youyou, how did you know I came to ask your mommy for money”

“If it’s really about borrowing money, you can leave now.” Youyou doesn’t care about his problem.

And so, he quickly sends him away.

Yun Yecheng got stunned in surprised.

But, YunLiqin got angry.

Originally, she wanted to talk nicely to Yun Shishi, but this child drain her temper!

Yun Yecheng added: “Youyou, even if I tell you this, you wouldn’t understand.

Right now, Aunt Nana is in the hospital and in a terrible state.

Grandfather doesn’t really wanted to this, but have no other choice.

I can only ask your mom for help!”  


Early this morning, the hospital gave them a call and said that Yun Na was in the hospital ward.

They came in a hurry to know her condition, but they almost fainted when they see her in the bed.

Especially, Yun Liqin.

When she saw her daughter’s face got destroyed, she started causing trouble in the hospital.

She shouted and shouted and asked who harm her daughter.

But, the hospital also doesn’t know what happened

They only know that, as soon as the patient arrived in the hospital.

A mysterious man wearing a suit paid the medical fee and then left in a hurry.

Yun Yecheng finds the attending physician and asked Yun Na’s condition.

The doctor bluntly said: “Your daughter’s face was ruined.”

Yun Na has more than a dozen hole in the face.

So, they stitch her face more than a dozen times too.

The result of this will definitely be unacceptable.

However, the doctor proposed something because her face was not completely ruined.

And if her condition’s permit it, they may be able to restore her appearance via cosmetic surgery.

They only need to prepare a hundred thousand yuan.

But, a hundred thousand yuan is not a joke.

If it’s just like before, Yun Yecheng could afford it, but now

Yun Liqin got even more worried when Yun Na faint right after she woke up.

And when Yun Na regain her consciousness, she cried and cried because she knows very clear what her future will become in this disfigured face.

And so, she said that she no longer wanted to live.

Hearing this, Yun Yecheng got curious about how his daughter ended up like this: Who did this

Who exactly is the bastard that almost killed her daughter And why did that bastard do this to her

Seeing Yun Na crying and worried about her future.

Yun Yecheng tried to appease her anxious mood, by reassuring that they will let her undergo cosmetic surgery, to regain her former beauty.


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