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Chapter 3101: Innocence 22

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How can you learn if you dont feel pain More importantly, you have to be bold.

Dont be afraid.

You will never learn how to walk while holding onto the railing!”

As he said this, he extended his hand towards me.

“Come, give me your hand!”

I eyed him warily.

“What do you want”

“Give me your hand.”

I hesitated for several seconds before reaching out timidly.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me in front of him.

I swayed as he drew me towards him, my body so stiff I didnt dare move.

“Relax a little!”

He looked at me and laughed..

“Youre usually quite fierce.

You look like you dominate over everything and are not afraid of anything.

Why are you so timid now that youre on roller skates”

I snorted a few times but did not reply.

Then he faced me, holding my hand as he glided backwards.

I gaped at him, completely amazed.

“Wont you fall skating backwards”

“Of course not!” He was obviously very proud of himself, as if it was rare for him to impress someone.

“Arent I clever”

Focusing all my attention on my feet, I felt like a trailer as he dragged me along.

“You can try moving your feet while maintaining your balance.”

I shook my head like a broken wave drum.

Su Qi said, “Dont be afraid of falling.

Even if you fall, you have me for company.”

Given this, I grew a little braver.

As he held my hand, I was able to stagger forward.

I began to grasp the feel of it, and in the end, I was able to glide smoothly under his lead.

Still, there was a high price to pay for learning how to glide around!

Patches of bruises covered my knees.

By the time I walked out of the skating rink, my knees felt as though they had cracked from the falls.

I grimaced in pain.

Su Qi asked, “Is it serious Does it hurt a lot”

Then, he squatted down to take a closer look.

Immediately I shrank back in avoidance and said guiltily, “Its nothing, Im fine now! Its getting late.

Send me home!”

Su Qi smiled and stared at my face for a long time.

Suddenly, she said, “So you can be shy too”

“What do you mean by that!”

“Nothing.” Su Qi glanced at me.

“Hop on, Ill send you home!”

Unwillingly, I got onto the backseat.

It was a little unsteady initially, and being nervous, I immediately gripped the corner of his shirt.

He said, “You can put your arms around me if youre scared.”

“No way!”

Su Qi snorted and said disapprovingly, “Do you know most girls can only dream about a chance to get onto this seat!”

“I dont care!”

“Okay, okay, great little missy! Im the one begging you to get onto my bicycle.”

Su Qi went rather fast.

The bike sped along the street, into the night.

I stared at the wheel at my feet, spinning at a dizzying pace.

The breeze gently lifted the corner of his shirt.

On his body, I saw the interweaving shadows cast by the moonlight and street lamps.

His body shielded me from the bitter evening wind so that I didnt feel so cold.

When we arrived at my block, I started to feel nervous.

This was the first time Id been home so late.

I had no idea what to say when I got home!

Su Qi stuffed my bag into my arms and said, “All the homework is done! Remember to erase and rewrite it when you get home.”

“Hows the accuracy There wont be too many wrong answers, right”

“Youre kidding.

Its all very simple middle school homework.

Its chicken feed.”

Su Qi looked at me as she spoke, then asked, “Want me to walk you upstairs”

“No, Im fine!”


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