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Chapter 3095: Innocence 16


“Why should I tell you”

“How am I going to woo you if you dont tell me your name” Su Qi gave his shocking reply.

The other girl widened her eyes in horror.

“Su Qi, what are you saying”

I frowned.

I really had no wish to get involved with them any longer.

“Im leaving.”

“Absolutely not.”

Su Qi came around to me, strangely persistent.

“You cant leave until you tell me your name.”


“I already have a boyfriend!” I said in a moment of anger.

“You have a boyfriend”

Su Qi looked surprised, and responded brusquely, “Youre lying.”

“Yin Dongyu! Hes my boyfriend,” I told him.


Are you satisfied now”

“Dongyu” The girls expression turned even uglier.

“How is that possible Dongyu is our class monitor and a top student.

Ive never heard him mention his girlfriend!”

“Cant top students fall in love Besides, who are you Why would he need to mention anything to you”

The girl was rendered speechless by my words and her expression turned most unpleasant.

“How could that nerd have a girlfriend And hes known to stay away from girls.”

“I do not wish to talk to you anymore! Im waiting to go home with Dongyu!”

I couldnt be bothered to argue with him and rushed out the door.

He pursued me relentlessly.

As we got entangled along the hallway, I unexpectedly heard Dongyus voice.


As soon as I heard his voice, I turned around and saw him standing at the end of the hallway.

He was carrying his school bag and his posture was tall and erect.

It was as though I had met my savior.

I turned around and ran towards him.


I threw myself on him and hugged him.

Behind me, I heard the sound of two people sucking in a breath of cold air.

I didnt even have to think twice to guess how surprised Su Qi and the girl were.

I tugged on Dongyus sleeve and whispered, “Just say youre my boyfriend!”

He looked at me blankly and then at the two people behind me.

He seemed confused.

“Whats wrong”

“They wouldnt believe me when I told them youre my boyfriend,” I said, taking his arm.

Dong Yus expression darkened.

He lowered his voice and said, “Xiachun, stop messing around.”

“Im not messing around!”

I couldnt wait to get away from Su Qi, the god of plague.

I tugged on Dongyus sleeve and said, “Lets go home!”

With that, I grabbed his arm and headed for the school garage.

When we got home, Yin Dongyu pulled me into the study and shut the door behind us.

He asked me sternly, “What was going on Why were you with Su Qi”

Feeling aggrieved, I retorted, “Is… is there a need to interrogate me this way”

Dongyu rarely spoke to me with such a stern expression.

Realizing that he was probably overreacting, he calmed himself down, then said, “From now on, keep your distance from that Su Qi.

Do you understand”

“Uh huh.”

I objected inwardly.

Even without him saying it, I would have kept my distance from that boy.

But what I didnt know, was that the only reason Dongyu wanted me to keep my distance from Su Qi was because that boy had a bad reputation.

He smoked, drank, got into fights and went around causing trouble.

Su Qi came from an affluent family.

Hence, school was just a necessary path in his life.

He did not need to rely on studying to change his fate in life.

Furthermore, he didnt fare too badly in his homework, so he spent most of his time playing truant.

Back then, there were many girls pursuing Su Qi.

Rumor had it that he changed girlfriends every month and was well known for being a playboy.


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