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Chapter 238: Congenital heart disease

The smile on Mu Yazhe’s lips vanished.

Because that child named Youyou, whom he had never met before is.

His son.

“Youyou Is that his real name”

“Um … it’s Tianyou,” Yun Shishi said slowly while looking at Mu Yazhe’s face.

Tianyou …

Mu Yazhe moves back and leans against the door.

He seems in a deep thought, but his deep eyes were still staring at Yun Shishi.

Tianyou, it’s actually a good name… …

“When he was born, it’s impossible for him to survive! But with God’s grace, he survived.

So, I gave him that name.”

Yun Shishi explained.

Mu Yazhe is her child’s father, so she felt it’s her obligation to let him know.

“It’s actually a good name.

Is his last name Yun”

Yun Shishi who somewhat felt surprised raised her head and stared at Mu Yazhe.

But, when she saw that he seems only asking casually, she said: “Well, my last name is… …”

“Where is he staying now Whom he lives with” Mu Yazhe asked.

“Just me.”

“Aren’t you living with your father”

Yun Shishi somewhat felt timid, and her heart suddenly felt in pain.

Yun Yecheng is very fond of Youyou.

So at first, she always left Youyou with him.  Yun Yecheng was even giving her support.

After all, at that time, she was still a student.

So, how she will be able to support and raise a child alone In addition to that, the price of diapers and powdered milk is not cheap.

So, her expenses in a month are quite expensive.

What’s more, Youyou is not in a good health.

He was born with congenital heart disease.

And because he also has a weak body, this ailment continue.

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but get curious.

This child’s older brother was born healthy, so why he is so weak

With that question in mind, Yun Shishi asked her doctor.

The doctor gave her an explanation, but he only said that when they were still inside her womb.

The two of them were fighting for the nutrients.

His older brother gained enough nutrients, so even though he was born prematurely.

He could cry so loud and breath normally.

The doctor couldn’t even help but felt amazed at his condition!

However, the other brother didn’t absorb many nutrients, so when he was born.

He didn’t even make any sound nor movement even though the nurse was spanking his butt.

His face was even colored purple!

And if that nurse didn’t found out that he has a bit trace of life and gave him a quick first aid.

Then, his life might have totally ended.

When they went back home, Yun Yecheng was always facing the child with knitted eyebrows!

Youyou looks very handsome and cute.

His big black eyes made him look very smart.

But, his condition is not good, so he always wonders if this condition will delay his growth.

Fortunately, when Youyou got a bit older, he showed a wisdom and cleverness that ordinary children doesn’t have.

So, Yun Yecheng poured more care to Youyou and his views to him completely change.

However, this love only provokes Yun Liqin and Yun Na’s hatred.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know where Yun Na got the idea, but she called Youyou a “little bastard”.

And since then, she always uses this word to bully the child.

There is also this case, when Yun Shishi arrived late at home, she saw Youyou sitting in the corner while holding his toy that was broken by Yun Na.

Seeing that she arrives, Youyou who felt wronged said: “Mommy, is Youyou bad That’s why Grandma and Aunt doesn’ love me… …”


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