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Chapter 3012: Not Worth Pitying

“If Id known that your daughter had offended Gu Jinglian…” Mu Linfeng sighed heavily and said with a straight face, “I would never have agreed to this marriage!”

Jiang Qimeng was stunned and fell to the ground in despair.

A bodyguard walked to Gu Jinglians side and said cautiously, “Master Gu, it looks like they cant hold up for much longer.

Do you want us to continue”

Gu Jinglian asked coldly, “Are you guys out of breath”

“No, but theyve already passed out.”

The crowd slowly dispersed.

Gu Jinglian looked over and saw Song Zhengguo kneeling on the ground.

His face was bruised and swollen, and his body was on the verge of collapsing.

And if he did, he might not wake up again.

Song Enya, on the other hand, had fainted.

Her face was covered in blood, and her entire body was bruised all over.

Her tube had also fallen to the ground, and she was in a tragic state.

The bodyguard kicked her face but there was no reaction.

In the midst of the chaos earlier, one of them had picked up a bottle of champagne and smashed it against the back of Song Enyas head.

Song Enya had fainted immediately, and no matter how hard they punched and kicked, she had not responded.

Someone went forward to check if she was still breathing.

Her breath was weak, but she was still alive.

However, she remained unconscious.

It was not that they were afraid of killing someone.

They merely needed instructions from Gu Jinglian at this point.

If he wished for them to continue beating up the father and daughter pair till they were dead, they would do so.

Frowning, Gu Jinglian walked over to Song Enya and kicked her with the tip of his foot.

Immediately, someone squatted down and wiped the tip of his shoe that was stained with blood.

“Master Gu, shes dirty.

Dont dirty your shoes.”

When Baby Chu saw Song Enyas tragic state, he immediately clung on to Gu Jinglians shoulders in shock.

This little act of attachment caused Gu Jinglian to be slightly stunned, and the corners of his lips curled upwards subconsciously.

Feeling this little brats reliance on him gave him an unexpected sense of satisfaction.

“Uncle… is she dead!” Baby Chu asked nervously.

“No!” Gu Jinglian was very confident.

His subordinates always knew what to do and would definitely not kill anyone just like that.

Hence, he was certain that she was still alive.

“Uncle, stop beating her already!”

Baby Chu pursed his lips.

He could not bear to see her like this.

“She looks so pitiful!”

Gu Jinglian was emotionless.

“Such a person is not worth pitying.”

He did not finish his sentence.

What he did not say aloud was, even if she had died, she was not worth pitying.

Baby Chu, on the other hand, felt that it was too cruel.

He felt adequately vindicated now that she had been beaten up.

Initially, he hated and was angry at Song Enya, but after seeing how Gu Jinglian had punished her, he actually felt very sorry for the woman.

He didnt know if shed eventually survive such a bad beating.

“Uncle, lets go!”

Baby Chu tugged at his collar and said pitifully, “I dont like this place.”

“Alright, lets go!”

Gu Jinglian was about to leave with Gu Chengze in his arms when, walking past Song Zhengguo, he suddenly had a thought.

He turned around and looked at the man, who was now dazed.

With a disgusted expression, he said, “The Song family is well known, being one of the four great families.

However, from tomorrow onwards, the Song family no longer exists.”

With that, carrying Gu Chengze, he left without looking back.

The moment Gu Jinglian left with his men.

The guests, seeing that the door was wide open, quickly filed out, forsaking all etiquette or small talk.

All at once, the huge banquet hall was deserted!


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