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Chapter 3009: Give Her A Beating

The two bodyguards immediately approached Song Enya and grabbed her by the fabric of her wedding dress.

Of course Song Enya was not going to let them take her to Gu Jinglian, hence she put up a fierce struggle.

Naturally, Jiang Qimeng and Song Zhengguo would not sit by and do nothing.

They also stepped forward to help.

However, not to mention Song Zhengguo, even if there had been ten of Song Zhengguo, they would not have been able to deal with these two strong bodyguards.

In the midst of their tussle, Song Enyas strapless fishtail wedding dress was torn apart by the bodyguard.

With a loud rip, the wedding dress fell from her chest and her naked body was immediately exposed in front of everyone!

It created an uproar among the crowd!

Song Enya was shocked and let out a hysterical shriek.

She covered her chest in shame and embarrassment.

However, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, the great view of the invisible bra could not be hidden from everyones view!

The wedding gown was a single piece and as it fell to the ground, it even exposed her panties.

Song Enyas face burned as she felt her world turn upside down!

Jiang Qimeng was so terrified that she was now standing stunned by the side.

Song Zhengguo was even more flabbergasted!

However, the two bodyguards showed no mercy.

Since the wedding gown was torn apart, each of them grabbed one of her arms and dragged her along.

Song Enya struggled and refused to leave with them.

She continued shrieking.

One of the bodyguards suddenly kicked her.

Gu Jinglian had ordered them to bring her over.

It was not up to her to say no!

They were just following orders!

As Song Enya struggled, one of them grabbed her hair and dragged her along!

“Ah… Help… No…”

Song Enya was on the verge of losing her sanity!

She was completely naked except for her leggings and an invisible tube top.

She could imagine how scornfully the guests were looking at her now!

She knew what shame was of course!

Being dragged along like this in front of so many people was so shameful that she wished she could die immediately!


Everyone present could only hear her screaming at the top of her lungs.

Song Enya was now being dragged along the floor by the bodyguards, her head knocking against the legs of the tables and chairs till she was in a daze!

On top of this, the shattered remains and debris on the ground had cut through her skin, she was covered in cuts and blood!

By the time she was brought in front of Gu Jinglian, she was a mess!

Gu Jinglian narrowed his eyes, thinking that even touching a woman like her felt dirty!

He asked Gu Chengze, “Is it her”

Baby Chu was dumbfounded.

He asked timidly, “Uncle, what are you going to do”

He hated her, but he was also terrified by this scene.

“Gu Chengze, listen up.

Youre my son.

No one has the right to hurt you!”

As Gu Jinglian spoke, he glanced at Song Enya and coldly said, “I will not let off anyone who dares to hurt you!”

Baby Chu nodded blankly.

“Uncle, Im scared!”

The boy couldnt help feeling this was a rather cruel way of dealing with things!

Gu Jinglian frowned.

“What are you scared of!”

The man squatted down and picked him up.

“Did this little scene scare you”

Baby Chus beautiful brows furrowed slightly.

He actually felt rather indignant.

Then puffing up his chest and said, “I… Im not scared! This evil woman deserves it!”

Gu Jinglian lowered his head, casting a frosty look at Song Enya, who was crying at his feet.

“Give her a beating.”


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