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Gu Jinglian had carried the boy and placed him into the childs safety seat.

The little fellow was extremely curious about this seat.

He poked at it with his finger and asked curiously, “Eh This thing is installed in this car too”


It was Gu Jinglian who had asked Butler Fu to install the safety seat.


The black Bentley Continental was Gu Jinglians personal car.

However, Butler Fu had mentioned that if Baby Chu was going to be taking a ride in the car, it would be best to install a safety seat for the child.


Gu Jinglian did not agree at that time.

He only snorted coldly as if he did not think much of it.


However, Butler Fu realized the next day, that Gu Jinglian had sent someone to install it.

He shook his head and sighed!


Old Master had a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

Although he would put on the appearance that he disliked Baby Chu, and seemed aloof and nonchalant, in reality, he was concerned.


Gu Jinglian coldly gave the boy a poke on his face and ordered, “Sit still!”


Being a proud man, he would never admit to having installed the seat for the kids safety.


Baby Chu sat still and stopped talking.


The man fastened his seatbelt for him.


Along the way, Baby Chu was in a particularly good mood.

Turning his head to look out the window, his mood was as clear as the weather outside!


As he swung his little legs, they accidentally kicked at Gu Jinglian.


The man immediately hit him.



Baby Chu clutched his forehead in pain and looked at the man aggrievedly.

He complained, “Why are you so violent If you hit Baby Chus head like this, Baby Chu will become stupid!”


Gu Jinglian replied coldly, “Youre already so stupid.

Theres no harm in being a little more stupid.”


He had no doubts though, that no matter what, his own IQ was at least above average.


Why did his child not inherit his high IQ genes


According to Butler Fu, when the teacher came up with the question of how many apples were there if one added one apple to two apples.

The kids reply was “zero”.


When the teacher asked for the reason, the little one actually said with conviction, “Because I ate them all! Wouldnt that make it zero!”


This joke tickled Butler Fu for five whole days.


Gu Jinglians methods were more brutal.

He gave the kid three apples and forced him to eat them all.


But how could the kid eat three apples


After holding on to them and nibbling for a long time, he could not take in more!


Gu Jinglian then asked him, “How many apples is one apple plus two apples”


Baby Chu counted with his fingers, then looked at the remaining half of an apple on the table and said aggrievedly, “Theres still half!”


The answer drove the man mad.


How could the kid be so stupid!


Baby Chu asked him matter-of-factly, “Since you know Im stupid, do you still think Im not stupid enough”


Gu Jinglian glared at him.

“Even if your skull is flattened by my fist, you cant get any dumber.”


A dead silence.


Baby Chu gulped nervously.

He could hear the hidden threat in the mans words, so he didnt dare to speak!




What a violent uncle this is.


He wants to beat me up over the slightest thing…


The little one mustered up his courage and said, “The television is right! Accompanying a king is like accompanying a tiger.”


Gu Jinglian immediately shot him a sharp look.

Baby Chu thought he was going to hit him again, so he quickly covered his head.


Because of his funny antics, Gu Jinglian couldnt help but smile to himself.


When Baby Chu saw that he was smiling, he pointed at the corner of his mouth and said curiously, “Wow! Uncle, youre smiling! I realize that you look so handsome when you smile…”


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