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Chapter 2993: Welcome Home, Yong Master

Chu He was secretly surprised.

“He… likes Baby Chu”

She found it hard to believe.

She had always thought that this man was an extremely cold-blooded man.

He did not know what kinship was, what love was, and what a father and son relationship was!

He would not show any mercy even towards his own uncle or brother.

He was curious about Baby Chu at best, but he would never develop feelings for the boy!

But, so what even if he had feelings for the child

Did he know anything about responsibility

Did he know how to become an outstanding father

Perhaps, in his heart, there was only heroism – or so-called.

She did not want Baby Chu to become a cruel and heartless person like Gu Jinglian.

Seeing that she was in a daze, Butler Fu added, “Old Master also said that you may leave, but you cant take Baby Chu away! However, you may stay too, just that you may not take Baby Chu away.

Otherwise, Old Master will definitely not show any mercy.”

“He said that”

Chu He was stunned.


Butler Fu continued, “You have time to think it over seriously.

However, please dont make things difficult for me!”

As he said this, he turned around to leave.

As Butler Fu approached the door, Chu He suddenly said, “Can I see Baby Chu”

The man turned around and glanced at her.

“Of course you may.

But not now.”

Chu He frowned.


“If Baby Chu were to see you in this state, his heart will definitely ache.

You have to recover well.

At least, dont let Baby Chu worry about you.”

Chu He nodded in response.

Butler Fu left the room.

Chu He held onto the bedside table and was about to get off the bed when a servant noticed this and went forward to help her.

She pushed her hand away and slowly raised her head, saying expressionlessly, “I can do it myself!”


The servant was rather worried about her.

“Youve been lying down for so long that your legs would be very weak.

If I dont support you a little, you might fall, right What if you tore open the wound on your back, that would be bad.”

Chu He replied coldly, “I dont have the habit of having people help me.”

Only then did the servant step aside.

She held onto the bedside table and slowly stood up.

However, the muscles on her legs seemed unable to exert any strength.

It was as if they had gone numb.

Chu He felt a cramp in her legs and hurriedly held onto the wall as she slowly walked forward.

Leaning her weight against the wall, she slowly made her way towards the window.

She opened her eyes wide and soaked in the sunlight streaming through the window.

Even though the light caused her tears to flow, she would not close her eyes.

She couldnt remember the last time she saw sunlight.

Having woken up from the long and deep sleep, it felt as though she was now in a different world.

Outside the window, someone shouted, “Young Master has finished school!”

Slightly stunned, Chu He quickly looked through the window.

Outside the window, in the courtyard, twenty-odd subordinates suddenly stood upright in two rows, looking very respectful.

“Welcome home, Yong Master!”

Baby Chu walked into the courtyard with his school bag on his back.

He looked up and curiously studied the men who were standing in two rows to welcome him home.

As if he was used to it, he nonchalantly walked past them.

Chu Hes eyes finally regained focus when she saw Baby Chu.

She looked at his back view as he walked towards the main hall.

The little guy was skinny like before, but he was not as dejected as she had imagined!

Butler Fu had really taken good care of him!

He didnt look as though he had suffered much, even after staying with the Gu family for so long!

Seeing that he was fine, Chu He finally felt more at ease.

At least the little fellow hadnt been mistreated, which made her feel relieved!


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