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Chapter 2990: Wake Up


Butler Fu explained, “Old Master, she hasnt eaten for more than two months.

Shes been relying on liquid nutrients to maintain her health.”

Gu Jinglians gaze changed slightly.

“I know.”

Suddenly, he asked in a solemn tone, “Will she wake up”

“…Of course shell wake up!”

“Oh,” Gu Jinglian replied with a smile.” I thought shed be in a vegetative state permanently.”

Butler Fu broke out in cold sweat.

He had thought that Gu Jinglian was here to see her because he cared about her.

He had not expected that the cold and heartless Old Master was here to see if she was still alive.

This left him flabbergasted!

At the thought of this, Butler Fu asked cautiously, “What does Old Master plan to do with her when she wakes up”

“If not for the fact that she was Chengzes biological mother, she wouldnt have survived until now.”

Gu Jinglian paused.

His expression changed as he thought of Gu Chengze.

In fact, if Chu He wasnt Baby Chus mother, he wouldnt have to worry about how heartbroken the boy would be if he killed this woman.

Moreover, a child at such a young age would definitely not be able to accept such a fact.

If such an event changed the boy, the situation would be difficult to clean up.

It was even harder to think of how the child would hate him if he were to come to know about it one day.

He disliked children to begin with.

However, perhaps because this child was his own flesh and blood, coupled with his eccentric personality, it added a lot of fun to his mundane life and brought laughter to the dull Gu family residence.

Hence, he decided to keep the child with him.

“As long as she doesnt cause any trouble over the childs custody, she can stay in the Gu family.” Gu Jinglian paused and glanced at him.

“Why Do you pity her”

“This lady is so young.

I heard that she was a second-in-command in the Interpol in her earlier years.

Perhaps, if we keep her in the Gu family and nurture her, it might be useful!”

Gu Jinglian interrupted him and said, “Back then, she came to me under the orders of the organization to gather evidence against me.

At that time, I was too careless.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have succeeded.

She betrayed me.

Do you think I would keep a disloyal woman by my side”

“Old Master… for the sake of the child, dont look into the past anymore!” Butler Fu advised earnestly.

“Ive said this.

We can keep her here.

But if she dares to play any tricks, ha, she will be coming up against me.”

With that, Gu Jinglian turned around and left the room.

Butler Fu cast a glance at the person on the bed and then turned and followed behind the man.

After the door was closed, the person on the bed suddenly moved her eyelids.

Her pinky twitched a few times and her eyes suddenly opened.

Having been unconscious and in the darkness for so long, the light was a little much for her to bear.

She immediately closed her eyes again, but what Gu Jinglian had just said echoed in her ears.

Gu Jinglian…

She gritted her teeth as she muttered this name, her gaze suddenly sharp.

Red Lotus.

This name came from “Lotus”, which was also part of the mans name “Lian”.

“He” and “Lian”.

This was also the reason why Gu Jinglian had kept her by his side.

This man, Gu Jinglian… She had met countless people in her life, but had never come across a colder man.

“Butler Fu, Butler Fu…”

A servant ran up to Butler Fu in a panic.

Butler Fu saw that she was in a hurry and was panting while gesturing wildly in an attempt to express something.

He frowned and asked, “Whats the matter”

“Butler Fu, shes awake!”



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