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Chapter 232: Rules

“Mu Yazhe, you really like a child.”

“Shut up!” Mu Yazhe said with a cold and stiff face.


“Ok, I get it.

You want me to say that Gu Xingze is not as handsome as you, not gentle and not as rich as your family, right You really like a kindergarten child.

Are you really twenty-eight years old”

Mu Yazhe glared at her coldly and grasp her jaw.

Then, he said while gritting his teeth: “You got a very sharp tongue for an insignificant being!”

Being poor is not only pitiful but also hateful at times!

“Can you let go of me Young Master Mu” Yun Shishi said while glaring at him: “If you do this again, I’ll definitely turn crippled!”

“That would be good.” Mu Yazhe said coldly, but then, he let go of her hands and lazy move back.

After he let go of her, Yun Shishi immediately rubbed her sore wrists.

This man’s strength is really something.

He usually wears his business suits, so she really couldn’t tell that he’s this strong.

However, Yun Shishi hasn’t stretched out her arms well, when Mu Yazhe grabs her waist and wrapped her in his arms again.

Yun Shishi who was taken in surprised couldn’t help but stare at him angrily.

Mu Yazhe looked at her and suddenly realized that this girl in his arms is really cute!

“I will let him keep his role, but… …”

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but looked at him with his unexpected and cut off words: “But what” 

“I’ll discuss that to Lin Fengtian when I return.”

After Mu Yazhe said those words, his lips hook with a devilish smile.

Although the Universal Entertainment Company is the “Green Fruit” movie’s largest investor.

It is not their project alone, but it doesn’t mean that he cannot give a word to its cast!

The number of cast and needed funds in this movie were reported to him first before their recruitment started.

Lin Fengtian also ask his approval first before he starred Gu Xingze as the male lead!


Well, after all, he is the main investor.

Investing in a movie is not a joke.

So naturally, he wouldn’t spend a penny if he will not gain much more!

Gu Xingze’s influence in the entertainment circle is not something to look down into.

So, if he will be starred as the male lead.

Hitting the box office is already within his grasp!

But, he didn’t expect that Yun Shishi will become the female lead.

At first, he doesn’t want to intervene.

However, after seeing how Gu Xingze treats her.

He no longer can sit idle.

He may be a businessman, but he is also a man.

Yun Shishi is his woman, so naturally, he doesn’t want any other man to covet her.

As a man, how can he not see what Gu Xingze feels about Yun Shishi

This is something that younger generation can notice easily, right

So, that man clearly wants to attain his woman!

Because of this, Mu Yazhe had a plan in mind.


However, when Lin Fengtian received Mu Yazhe’s prepared written “rules”.

He felt a sudden gash of wind passed through his body!


At first, he thought Mu Yazhe will take care of Yun Shishi only by means of words.

So, he decided to take care of this newbie without his backing!

After all, he himself recognized that this newbie has unlimited potential!

But, when he read the first page of his rules.

His blood boils immediately!

What is this **!

In the first page of Mu Yazhe’s rules, it says: “Rule #1: No kissing scene, Rule #2: No bed scenes, Rule #3: No hugging scenes, Rule #4… … ”


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