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Chapter 2978: Meeting on a Narrow Path (5)

The scene became chaotic.

Perhaps Song Enya was greatly agitated by her words, so her eyes turned bloodshot as she clawed and hit out at Meng Qingxue.

Meng Qingxue was not a pushover either.

Possibly due to her maternal instincts, she used one hand to protect her belly while grabbing onto Song Enyas hair and pulling hard with her other hand.

The two of them started fighting.

The passers-by watched in fear, but most of them were only seeking entertainment.

Many of them were pregnant, so even if they were looking upon such a scene, how would they dare to step forward to mediate

When Jiang Qimeng returned with the report, she saw that a fight had broken out at the seats.

It was on a closer look that she realized that one of them was Song Enya.

Alarmed at what she was seeing, she dropped the report she was holding and rushed forward.

“Please stop fighting! Please stop fighting!”

Jiang Qimeng finally separated the two women and pulled Song Enya to the side.

She asked anxiously, “Are you alright”

“Mom! Dont stop me! Im teaching this little b*tch a lesson!”

With that, Song Enya rushed forward again.

Afraid that the girl would hurt herself, Jiang Qimeng pulled her back to her side and reprimanded, “What on earth are you doing! Think about it, youre already five months pregnant, not like before! Even if you dont think for yourself, you should think for the unborn child! Why are you messing around like this!”

Song Enya turned around and extended her arm, pointing at Meng Qingxue with an aggressive expression and reddened eyes.

Meng Qingxue was standing about two meters away, looking very guarded.

Song Enya cried, “Mom! Shes Meng Qingxue! Shes that b*tch! For the past two months, Mu Yanchen has been by her side and neglecting me! How can I not be angry! And now she says Im the third party! Mom, how can I not be angry!”

“Alright, be careful.

Otherwise it will affect the baby!”

She was busy trying to calm her daughters emotions, but suddenly reacted upon hearing Song Enyas words and stared at her in surprise.

“What did you say Shes Meng Qingxue”

Jiang Qimeng turned around and glared daggers at Meng Qingxue.

“Youre Meng Qingxue”

Meng Qingxue glanced at her.

From the conversation she overheard earlier, she guessed that this woman was Song Enyas mother.

She covered her abdomen protectively with one hand, full of caution.

“Uh huh.”

“Wheres Mu Yanchen!”

Jiang Qimeng demanded loudly, “Where is he! His fiancée is five months pregnant, yet he doesnt care about her or ask after her.

Instead, hes given all his attention to a b*tch like you!”

Meng Qingxue said angrily, “Im not a b*tch! Auntie, please be more respectful with your words! As the mayors wife, have you no proper demeanor at all!”

Jiang Qimeng was stunned.

She looked around and saw many people pointing at them.

It was only then that she realized that she ought to be careful as she was in a public setting.

At the thought of this, she approached Meng Qingxue and said, “Come with me! I have something to tell you!”

Noting how the woman was eyeing her in such a hostile manner, Meng Qingxue hurriedly shook her head and said, “I will not go anywhere with you! Im staying here to wait for Yanchen!”

“Im telling you to come with us.

Do you hear me”

Jiang Qimengs tone became sharper.

“This is our private matter.

Theres no need to talk about it in public!”

“No matter what, Ill wait until Yan Chen returns!”

Meng Qingxue was an intelligent girl!

It was precisely because they were in public and in front of so many people, that they did not dare do anything to her.

However, if she went somewhere else with them, who knew what they would do to her!


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