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Chapter 2970: Are You Pregnant Too


A dead silence.

Yun Shishi was thunderstruck when she heard this greeting!


Her mind went into overdrive all of a sudden.

Wasnt Hua Jins brother-in-law…

She froze and turned her head mechanically.

Although she could not see clearly, a tall figure filled her hazy vision.

The figure was tall and in a black casual outfit.

She couldnt make out its face, but his imposing aura and unique scent made her realize—

She had been caught red-handed!

Why was he here!

Her face stiffened.

Hua Jin gulped and laughed nervously.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here”

He smiled obsequiously as he silently cursed.

How did the man find his way to this place

Could it be that they had a GPS tracker on them

Just as Hua Jin was trying to make up a story, Mu Yazhe smirked coldly.

“You dont have a GPS tracker on you.”

“Well then did you send a private investigator to trail us” Hua Jin blurted out.

However, the next second, he covered his mouth and looked at him awkwardly.

He actually blurted it out!


How did he know what he was thinking!

Could it be…

His brother-in-law had a superpower like mind reading!

As Hua Jins imagination started to run wild, Mu Yazhe continued, “Im not a mind reader either.”

Feeling even more awkward now, Hua Jin asked uneasily, “Then how do you know what Im thinking”

“Whatever youre thinking is written all over your face.”

Mu Yazhe paused for a moment.

His gaze fell on the ice cream they were holding.

His expression turned frosty.

“Eating ice cream in the middle of the night”

Mu Yazhes gaze exuded a dangerous warning as he scrutinized the other man.

His cold and unfathomable gaze was truly chilling.

His stare made Hua Jins hair stand on end!

As Hua Jin opened his mouth to explain, he heard Yun Shishi, who was sitting next to him, saying, “Hua Jin said that he had a sudden craving for ice cream, so I accompanied him here.”

Hua Jin suddenly found himself made a scapegoat.

He fell speechless.


Betrayed, just like that!

He started to tremble in fear!

When Mu Yazhe heard this, his meaningful gaze fell on the man, making the man, who was just about to try to clear his own name, turn to jelly.

Unexpectedly, Yun Shishi seemed to know what he was about to do.

Under the table, her hand fumbled over and pinched his thigh.

Hua Jins eyes turned red from the pain.

“Yes, Sister is right.”

Only then did Yun Shishi let go and put on a serious expression.

Hua Jin was in so much pain that tears almost fell from his eyes.

He immediately used his palm to gently rub the spot where he had been pinched, crying silently inside.

He felt terribly aggrieved but it wasnt something he could say aloud.

Of course, Mu Yazhe caught Yun Shishis little action, but he chose not to expose her.

With an unfathomable look in his eyes, he raised his lips slightly.


Hua Jin smiled nervously and continued, “I dont know why I woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and craving for some ice cream.

But its too boring to eat alone, so I made her come along to keep me company.”

“So,” Mu Yazhe glanced at him coolly, “Are you pregnant too!”

Awkward silence.

What was the scariest thing

Another awkward silence.

Hua Jin shifted uneasily, then sat up straight and rubbed his tummy.

With a dry laugh, he said, “Maybe Ha ha ha! Brother-in-law, you make such bad jokes.”

A cold stare.


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