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Chapter 2966: Plotting Against Little Princess

“Mommy, behave yourself!”

Youyou muttered under his breath, “Bear with it for a bit; see the bigger picture!”

“Cant I just have a bite”

“Not even a bite.

Daddy will beat me up!” Youyou snorted.

Little Yichen covered his mouth and giggled, “He might even be made to kneel on the washboard as punishment for murdering the little princess!”

Youyou nodded in agreement.

Yun Shishi stood up in a huff and made her way slowly towards them.

Seeing this, Hua Jin immediately reached out to help her.

“Sis, be careful…”

She flung his hand off angrily and exclaimed, “Dont touch me! Im not your sister!”

Feeling that he had done nothing wrong, Hua Jin cried helplessly, “Why have I been shot for nothing”

Youyou was highly amused and said, “How is this being shot for nothing You are the true source of all evil!”

“What do you mean by that” Hua Jin pointed at himself in despair.

“How am I the source of all evil!”

The boy replied, “If you didnt tempt Mommy in the first place, Mommy wouldnt be craving the ice cream this badly!”

The blame flew like a pot across the room, and landed squarely on Hua Jins shoulder.

Accepting the fact, Hua Jin whined, “Alright! Its entirely my fault!”

“Its just a pregnancy, and its not my first time! When I was pregnant with you guys, I was never this careful.

But now Im not allowed to have this, and Im not allowed to do that.

Didnt you kids turn out fine!”

Hearing this, Youyou immediately cleared his throat and pouted.

“Thats not fair! Little Yichens body is so strong, but has Mommy forgotten that before I was four years old, I spent most of my time at the hospital! So it seems thats because you werent careful during your pregnancy.

Perhaps, this is the reason why my health is poor!”

It would have been fine if the kid had not come up with this theory.

But now that he did, Youyou had taken sides with Mu Yazhe, firmly believing in the importance of fetal health!

This time round, the blame landed right on Yun Shishi!

She was stumped and silently lamented. Your poor physical fitness did not stem from me not taking good care during pregnancy!

She explained innocently, “You and Little Yichen are twins.

The doctor said that when you were in my belly, the two of you had to fight for nutrients and you lost out.

Plus, both of you were born prematurely at just eight months.

Thats why you have poor health.”

“Why did you give birth prematurely”

Youyou asked curiously, blinking.

“The doctor said its because I was constantly anxious during my pregnancy and—”

At that time, when she was seven months pregnant, Yun Shishi had managed to get approval to see Yun Yecheng.

That period of time was the most difficult period for the Yun Family.

However, even though they had been meeting all along, Yun Yecheng held an extreme view towards her surrogacy.

He was once so proud.

How could he watch and do nothing as his beloved daughter paid for the Yun familys debt with her body!

This loan sharks debt might have been paid off in an instant, but the guilt was heavy on him, and it was guilt that hed never be able to put behind him!

Hence, whenever they met, he would always think of ways to persuade her to abort the child.

Yun Yechengs thinking was simple, but he did not realize that aborting the child would cause more harm to her body.

He didnt understand that.

He just didnt want this episode to affect her future.


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