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Chapter 230: To her compromise

It’s not very usual for him to act wild, yet gentle.

So, after their ultimate joy, Yun Shishi was tightly clenching her teeth.

While his hands were still locked on her sexy back.

The man buried his face gently in her neck and said something in a low voice.

So Yun Shishi wasn’t able to hear his words clearly. 

“Later, I’m the only one who’s qualified to hurt you… … other people cannot.”

Yun Shishi got stunned for two seconds, but after that, her eyes got teary.

Mu Yazhe lifted up his head and look at her face.

Anger was still visible in his eyes a bit, but aside from that, there is this strange feeling.

Is it love Is he… … in love with her

The man got up, then lifted her up and brought her to the bathroom.

The bathtub in this house is really big, so he easily joined her inside of it.

Yun Shishi hugged her arms and just let the warm water wet her body.

After staring at her for a long time in silence.

The last trace of anger in his eyes dissipated.

At this moment, Yun Shishi really looks helpless.

This is the first she had soaked her body in the bathtub with a man, so she didn’t dare to move.

“Don’t cry anymore, okay” Mu Yazhe looked at her and gently pat her nose.

But, Yun Shishi ignored him.

This man’s presence cannot be completely ignored, but she really doesn’t know what to do in this kind of situation.

They just had a cold war.

Although this cold war has ended, the anger inside her heart hasn’t dissipated.

Seeing this, Mu Yazhe lifted up an eyebrow.

But then, he just took a towel and put a shower gel in it.

Then, he gently wipe her back.

His touch made Yun Shishi shrunk unconsciously.

But, he didn’t paid attention to it, he just wrap his arms around her and continue wiping her body.

His movements are very gentle, but because she was washed by him last night after a tiring day.  Her waist and neck now felt stiff.

She just spent a day in here, but her body was already falling apart.

A man’s energy is really extraordinary.

But, she was very upset about it.

Mu Yazhe continued wiping her body gently, but she couldn’t help but make a sound.


It’s really hard to tell if her body felt sore or painful.

“Don’t contact him anymore.”

Mu Yazhe said, and added slowly: “I will replace him in that film.”

Yun Shishi’s eyes suddenly widen.

And in her surprised, she turned around her head and look at him.

But, Mu Yazhe looks very calm.

“Replace Why replace him”

“I don’t want to see him looking at you.”

But then, he added: “I don’t want him to touch you.

I don’t want him to kiss you.

That’s all.”

Yun Shishi squinted her eyes, and if only she could beat this guy, she will: “Why you don’t like that to happened”


Mu Yazhe didn’t answer her question.

But, isn’t it obvious that he doesn’t want other men to touch her

“Mu Yazhe, why do you care so much if I am to be touch with other men”

Mu Yazhe once again insisted his philosophy in life: “You are my woman.”

“… …”

“What” When Mu Yazhe saw her strange look, he suddenly felt nervous.

“Don’t replaced him.” Yun Shishi said because she doesn’t want to implicate Gu Xingze.

“Why not You like him,” Mu Yazhe ask with mockery: “You like him, right”


Yun Shishi angrily stared at him.

How can this man think like that Where did he get the idea that she likes Gu Xingze


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