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Chapter 2942: Jing Yang

Hua Jin silently recited the name and suddenly smiled.

“Thats good too.

For Gu Xingze, this is a new lease of life.”

However, he could not help feeling disappointed.

Unlike people who were born blind,

Yun Shishi had normal vision, which would put her only in even greater despair losing her sight.

Every time he saw her fumbling around while trying to reach for something, his heart would ache.

However, every time he saw her sitting quietly on the sofa with her head lowered and her loving gaze resting on her lower abdomen, she radiated with a motherly glow that was gentle and warm.

“Its okay.

Another cornea donor will come along.

Ill just pay more attention.”

“We can wait till after the baby has been delivered and her physical condition is stabilized,” Hua Jin said optimistically.

“Uh huh.”

By the time Yun Shishi and the two children returned home from a stroll, Hua Jin was already done washing the dishes.

Little Yichen could not stop praising him.

“Uncle Hua Jin is so awesome.

His cooking skills are not bad and he has washed the dishes till theyre squeaky clean.”

Hua Jin could not help laughing when he hard this.

He squatted down and reached out to pinch Little Yichens pink cheeks.

“Do you really think my cooking is great”


“I thought your little taste buds have been spoiled by Youyous cooking.

Im surprised you actually dont mind my cooking.”

Hua Jin heaved a sigh of relief.

Youyou commented, “Although your cooking isnt exquisite, its edible nevertheless.”

Hua Jin: “…”

Yun Shishi was greatly amused and burst out laughing.

“Youyou, dont be too picky! Do you think everyone is like you You were born with fussy taste buds.”

Youyou smugly threw his arms around his mother.

Mu Yazhe snorted and remarked coldly, “I do suspect if youre a mutant.”

“Because Im very particular about food!”

Youyou continued, “Unlike Little Yichen, who would even think that egg fried rice is delicious.”

“Cough.” Yun Shishi cleared her throat awkwardly.

That was a long time ago.

Once, on a whim, she made egg fried rice and invited the two little lads to try it.

In the end, when Youyou saw that the fried rice wasnt perfect, he pushed it away in disdain.

Little Yichen, however, held the bowl in his arms and ate a few mouthfuls.

After that, he even smiled and said, “Mommys cooking is so good; the fried rice is so delicious!”

Who knew if he was speaking the truth or if he in fact thought it tasted awful but for the sake of his mother, tried to look as though it was delicious.

Little Yichen argued, “Mommys cooking is indeed not bad!”

He really couldnt tell it wasnt perfect.

Besides, he was famished that day and was too focused on eating to notice anything strange about the way it tasted.

Yun Shishi immediately raised her hands in defeat.

“All right! All right! Youyou, your cooking is the best.

Mommys cooking is not as good as yours.

Are you satisfied now”

Youyou was pleased on hearing this.

As if he felt that this way, he would be able to secure his position as thechef in the family, a look of smug satisfaction spread across his face.

Mu Yazhe and Hua Jin looked at each other, laughing helplessly.

Hua Jin deliberately teased, “Youyou, its not good for you to be so conceited! Its just good culinary skills, whats the big deal!”

Youyou gave him a haughty look.

The whole family was amused.


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