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Yun Shishi suddenly recalled that there were times when she wanted to eat cherries in the middle of the night, he and Gong Jie would search high and low throughout the city, and hed find them and bring them back.

However, she would have lost her appetite and did not eat a single one.

He would coax her to eat just one or two, then try to get her to sleep.

That she had recovered so quickly, one could credit his hard work as a husband.

Certainly, he had contributed greatly to this.

Now, after the prenatal checkup and confirming that the fetus was stable and healthy, her own health gradually recovered, and he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At this point, he was so filled with happiness that he was at a loss!

To the point that he was crying tears of joy!

Even though he tried his best to hold back his tears, his eyes were bloodshot and wet nevertheless.

It touched her deeply!

Mu Yazhe hugged her, his lips trembling slightly as he gently caressed her face over and over again.

Holding back her tears, Yun Shishi rebuked, “Are you really that happy to know that its a daughter”

She sniffled and said half-jokingly, “It looks like Im really going to be losing my status! Your daughter has become your heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

What about me Im just your small intestine and appendix”

Mu Yazhe smirked.

“How could that happen!”

“Seeing how excited you are makes me quite certain that I wont have any status in the future.”

“Our daughter is my heart, youre my lungs.

Both are equally important.”

“Your lungs dont seem to be as important as your heart!” Yun Shishi deliberately kicked up a fuss.

“Look, if a daughter is like your heart, then without her, isnt it a flatline!”

Mu Yazhe couldnt help laughing when he heard this, thinking that she was jealous.

“Youre even jealous of your own daughter”

“So what Do you have a problem with that!”

“Fine, fine.” Mu Yazhe looked at her delicate face lovingly and held it gently in his hands.

He said with a tender smile, “But without you, I cant even breathe.”

She was taken aback and deeply moved by his sincere words!

Without you, I cant even breathe.

She threw her arms around him tightly, choking back her sobs as tears welled up in the corners of her eyes again.

“Thank you for watching over me, and waiting all this time…”

She pursed her lips as hot tears fell on his shoulders.

Then smiling, she promised him, “I will stop being willful! I will stop doing things that worry you…”

“Uh huh.”

He smiled.

She could not see the great tenderness in his gaze as he looked at her.

When Youyou and Little Yichen returned home from school, a sweet aroma greeted them the moment they pushed open the door!

Little Yichen almost drooled when he smelled it!

He greedily sniffed the air and his eyes lit up!

“Wow! It smells so good!”

The moment Youyou smelled it, he said, “It smells like a cake! Is it some important event or someones birthday”

He mentally went through some dates.

No one in the family was celebrating their birthday.

The two little guys ran into the dining room one after another, and saw Yun Shishi sitting at the dining table with her hands on her cheeks.

In front of her were several delicacies, and at the centre was a fragrant and tempting 12-inch cake!


Little Yichen wiped his drool.

His stomach was already rumbling with hunger after school.

Upon seeing this sumptuous scene, of course he started drooling!

“Youre back”

Her eyes fixed on a certain spot, Yun Shishi smiled and greeted them, “Get ready to eat!”


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