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Especially during this period of time when she had not been eating or drinking.

Her nutrition status was not up to par and she had lost a lot of weight.

It made his heart ache.

But ultimately, she was worried about gaining weight!


“Wouldnt you despise me if I were to become a big fatty”

The man replied matter-of-factly, “Theres nothing I can do about it.

Weve been married for so long, would I care whether youre fat or not”

“…” She was taken aback by this remark.

“Alright, Im just teasing you.

Of course I wont despise you if you gained weight.”



Then suddenly, as though struck by a thought, he said, “Were due for another prenatal checkup soon.”

“Uh huh.”

At the mention of a prenatal checkup, Yun Shishi asked curiously, “I heard that wed be able to tell the gender of the fetus at 16 weeks.”

“Uh huh.”

“But isnt that prohibited by law”

“This rule doesnt apply to me.

Why are you asking this”

Yun Shishi said, “Why dont we find out the gender of the baby”

However, Mu Yazhe said, “Its better not to do ultrasound so frequently.

Theres no urgency to find out.”

When Yun Shishi was four months pregnant, Mu Yazhe took her to her prenatal checkup.

Result of the prenatal examination was excellent.

In the past month, under Mu Yazhes meticulous care, her health had recovered significantly.

It was a female doctor who carried out the prenatal checkup for her.

Now in the office, she looked through the various data reports while sizing up the man beside Yun Shishi.

She could not help remarking enviously, “Mrs.

Mu, youre really blessed! Every time you come for a prenatal checkup, Chairman Mu would personally accompany you! Its really fortunate to have such a caring and gentle husband who dotes on you so much!”

Yun Shishi smiled and held his hand tightly.

Pursing her lips, she said, “Hes even more nervous about the pregnancy than I.

Ive been unwell recently, so hes just worried about me getting into any sort of accident.”

Mu Yazhe caressed her hair lovingly and asked casually, “Is the fetus in good health”

“Dont worry, Chairman Mu.

The fetus is very healthy!”

As the doctor spoke, she suddenly smiled mysteriously and asked, “I heard from Young Madam Mu that Chairman Mu has already started preparing the nursery”

“Yes, its ready.”

“A princess room”

The doctor was all smiles.

Yun Shishi laughed and said, “Not only a princess room, but hes also bought a bunch of dresses and hung them in the closet, waiting for the child to be born and wear them! However, all the clothes he prepared are for a girl.

I laughed at him and asked him what hed do if the child turned out to be a boy.

Was he going to let his son wear all these dresses”

The doctor was stunned for a moment when she heard this.

Greatly amused, she remarked, “So Chairman Mu would love to have a daughter!”

“Yes! Hes especially hoping that Im carrying a daughter in my belly! Hed love to have a daughter, hed be head over heels if that turns out to be the case!”

“Young Madam, what about you Are you hoping for a daughter too”

“Of course! Id love to have a daughter, but Im not as overly enthusiastic as he is.”

The doctor replied, “Generally, fathers prefer daughters! They dote on the girls!”

“Well, we dont know if its going to be a boy or a girl.”

“How could that be” The doctor disagreed.

“I think this only means that Chairman Mu and the little princess have telepathy and know that a little princess is on the way.

When I first heard about it, I also found it unbelievable! Who would start preparing a princess room before knowing whether its a boy or a girl Hes even bought a bunch of dresses!”


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