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Chapter 2928: Decorating The Princess Room


Yun Shishi slapped her forehead.

“Oh no, I forgot all about it! I havent even started to prepare the nursery! This little fellow came so suddenly that I wasnt mentally prepared at all!”

She felt a little regretful.

Right now, she could not see anything clearly, so it was difficult for her to come up with any proposals, nor could she personally design the princess room.

Mu Yazhe said, “Its fine.

Ill prepare it.”

Mu Yazhe was naturally happy to do so.

Even though preparing the nursery was an extremely tedious task, it was an extremely blissful project for him.

Of course, he was not just saying that!

The next day, he led her to the counter together with the twins.

Yun Shishi was wearing her sunglasses, and it was a little inconvenient for her to walk.

Youyou and Little Yichen suggested hiring a nanny to support her.

Mu Yazhe, on the other hand, was worried about having a helper.

If the helper was careless and if Yun Shishi met with any accident, it would break his heart.

After getting out of the nanny van, Mu Yazhe turned to give her a hand.

Yun Shishi held his hand and carefully took a step forward.

She appeared to be shrinking back.

As she could not see anything, every step she took was extremely cautious.

“Just hold my hand.”

He grasped her hand firmly.

“Follow me.

Dont be afraid.”

She held his hand tightly.

Given that she could not see clearly and her entire world was dark, she would subconsciously be worried even if there was someone leading her.

If she were to take a step forward, what was the path that lay ahead It was as if she was walking on the edge of a cliff, on tenterhooks.

It was difficult for others to understand this sense of unease.

However, even if a normal person had their eyes closed and was being led by someone, they would be worried.

It was impossible for the person providing support to notice every minute detail.

But he said, “Follow me, dont be afraid.”

He would not let her fall, trip or walk into anything.

Yun Shishi trusted him wholeheartedly, so she held his hand and followed him.

He led her to the mother-and-baby counter, BabyQ, the worlds leading mother-and-baby boutique.

Yun Shan Shi Yi was their nuptial home, but the nursery had only minimal renovation.

It was empty, and even the walls were not properly covered.

He started with the wall covering.

Youyou and Little Yichen also seriously browsed through them.

The shop assistant had brought over a thick stack of catalogs, containing samples of wall coverings.

Mu Yazhe flipped through them page by page.

They were all European-style, and nothing caught his eye.

“Girls should like pink, right”

From the side, Yun Shishi remarked, “When I was young, I especially liked pink.

If the little one turns out to be a daughter, she will probably take after me in this respect.”

Every girl dreams of being a princess.

They imagine themselves as the princess in a fairy tale, waking up in a fairytale room every morning.

The moment they open their eyes, theyd see a dusky pink world, and lie on the huge bed with pink bed curtains, enjoying the dreamy world to their hearts content.

He snapped his fingers.

“Yes, pink.

All girls like pink.”

He did not react at first.

The shop assistant could read between the lines, so she immediately brought over a huge stack of catalogs with pink wall covering samples inside.

Mu Yazhe flipped through them with a serious expression.

He was very fussy and spent a great deal of effort just choosing the covering.

He selected a few designs and discussed with the twins before making a final selection of the design.


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