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Chapter 2926: Yueyao, Daddy Loves You

“Why wouldnt I be able to afford it Are you doubting my ability”

Mu Yazhe suddenly grabbed her hand.

With a broad smile, he leaned towards her and said suggestively, “Theres no one I cant afford to raise, but lets see if youre capable of giving birth to them all!”

“Im not a sow! I cant give birth to thousands of them! Even an old sow cant give birth to that many!”

Yun Shishi snorted.

“The three of us are already more than you can handle!”

With that, she patted his hand and said sullenly, “Stop fooling around, huh Lets think of names together! Ive thought of so many names, but you havent told me what you think of them!”

“Havent I already given my opinion”

With that, Mu Yazhe bent his head and placed it close to her belly.

Touching it, he smiled and said, “Yueyao, did you hear that This is the name Mommy has given you!”


She was both amused and exasperated.

“Are you done fooling around How do you know its a daughter”

Mu Yazhe remarked solemnly, “Believe it or not, shell definitely be a little princess when shes born.”

“I dont believe it!”

“Then lets make a bet!”

Mu Yazhe laughed confidently.

“This is probably the telepathy between father and daughter!”

As he said this, he looked at her belly with incomparable love and affection, as if he could see the little guy inside through the layer of flesh.

“Yueyao, isnt this name very nice Daddy likes it very much too.”


“Yueyao, behave yourself in Mommys belly.

Daddy loves you.”

Although Yun Shishi could not see his face, she could imagine the tenderness on his face as he gazed at her belly, with a little squint in his eyes and the gentle curve of his handsome brow.

She recalled that he looked particularly good when he smiled.

His thin lips would turn upwards in a slight arc, and shallow dimples would appear.

The man rarely smiled, and would almost exclusively only do so when he was alone with her.

However, his smile could melt even the coldest snow in the world!

Yun Shishi suddenly let out a satisfied laugh.

At this moment, she was overwhelmed by happiness and bliss!

Mu Yazhe did not notice the reaction on her face at all.

Instead, he was focusing his attention on her belly.

One moment, he was leaning forward and pressing his ear up against her belly, listening intently.

The next moment, he was talking to it as if communicating with the little one!

Amused, Yun Shishi held back her laughter and did not interrupt him.

He suddenly looked up and asked doubtfully, “Did she hear what I said”

“Are you stupid”

Yun Shishi could not help chiding the man.

“Its useless to listen to it now! Theres no fetal movement at this time!”

“Oh, is that so”

He frowned, clearly disappointed.

“I thought she could hear me.”

“Of course not! Even a newborn cant understand human speech, let alone a fetus that hasnt developed!”

Mu Yazhe caressed her belly lovingly, his lips curving into a satisfied smile.

His gaze never left her it, as if there was a rare treasure hidden inside!

Wasnt it a rare treasure

He had even named her.

He said gently, “Yueyao, you must behave and not be naughty! Develop and grow well.

Daddys waiting for you!”



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