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Wouldnt a little girl be so cute!

He would definitely buy her many pink princess dresses…


In order to take good care of Yun Shishi, Gong Jie set aside time to pick up knowledge on the pregnancy period.

Youyou was tickled by this.

Imagine his 1.9-meter tall uncle reading pregnancy-related books for hours every day.

When Mu Yazhe found out that he was secretly reading such books, he joined his son in mercilessly mocking the man.

Gong Jie was indignant.

“What do you know Im reading these books so I can better take care of the pregnant woman!”

Mu Yazhe thought otherwise initially.

However, books were not for nothing.

When he saw that the knowledge seemed to be rather useful, at least, it helped to deepen ones knowledge on pregnancy, he secretly bought a few books to read as well.

Eventually, when Gong Jie discovered that Mu Yazhe was secretly giving himself a crash course on this topic, he turned around and mocked Mu Yazhe back.

Hence, once the two men got off work and while Yun Shishi was resting, theyd each sit in their corner, flipping through a book on pregnancy and reading with much interest.

Taking care of a pregnant woman was not an easy task.

For a period of time, her pregnancy signs and symptoms were especially serious.

She was easily fatigued during the day and would often fall asleep after eating a little.

She would often be woken up by a feeling of nausea and would hold on to the bin and retch for a long time, however, shed hardly throw up anything.

At night, she had insomnia, and sometimes, she would have food cravings in the middle of the night.

Sometimes shed crave for apples, and sometimes sour plums, biscuits, bread…

Hence, every time this happened, the two men, Mu Yazhe and Gong Jie, would put on their coats with sleep still heavy in their eyes and search the streets to buy her some food.

The pregnant women seem to crave all things sour.

When she was pregnant with Youyou and Little Yichen, she was taken care of by the Mu family.

From the onset, every matter big or small, was taken care of, so her pregnancy signs and symptoms were not particularly obvious.

But now that she was pregnant with her second child, her reaction to the pregnancy was especially serious.

One night, she particularly wanted to eat cherries.

Mu Yazhe spent more than two hours driving all around the city before he finally found a 24-hour supermarket and bought the cherries she wanted.

When he returned with the cherries, he washed them and brought them to her.

Yun Shishi was deeply moved.

After she had settled in to nurture her pregnancy, her life slipped into a sort of peacefulness.

She didnt have to think about her work all the time, like in the past.

Now that things had slowed down, she could sleep peacefully every night and wake up when she felt like it.

After waking up, she would have her breakfast and take a stroll in the back garden.

When she felt bored in the ward, Gong Jie would silently watch over her.

Sometimes, she would turn on the television.

Even though she could not see clearly, the sound of the television made the ward less cold and silent.

With Qin Zhous connections, he quickly suppressed the commotion around the news of Gu Xingzes death.

During this period, Qin Zhou proved his worth.

The conflict between Yun Shishi and Gu Xingzes fans that took place during the memorial service did not happen again.

The incident was put behind them completely.

Regarding the reason for Gu Xingzes death, Huanyu had also invested significant time and effort into public relations.

Just the release of the announcement alone had cost a bomb.


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