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Gong Jie said gently, “Sis, the porridge is ready.

I didnt heat it for too long, so its nicely warmed and you can eat it immediately.”

Yun Shishi responded by reaching out and fumbling around with her hands until she found the bowl and gently held it.


Mu Yazhe immediately reached out to take the bowl of porridge from her, as he wanted to feed her.

“Ill feed you, okay”


“Ill feed you.”

Yun Shishi replied immediately in a quiet voice, “Thats not necessary.

I can do this myself.”

Mu Yazhe frowned.

“Your eyes are not functioning so well.”

Yun Shishi smiled and said, “Its not as fragile as you think… I just… I just cant see clearly, thats all.

I can still recognize objects if I get closer.”

With that, she held the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other.

She scooped some congee and brought it close to her mouth, blew on it, and took a bite.

It did not burn the tongue, but it was very warm.

However, she did not have much of an appetite.

In fact, she was still a little repulsed by food.

But at the thought of the child in her belly, she suppressed her discomfort and took another big bite.

Mu Yazhe and Gong Jie looked at her nervously and asked cautiously, “Is there anything else you feel like eating”

Her eyes widened in confusion as shook her head in response to the question, saying, “Theres nothing I particularly want to eat.”

She was motivated to eat only because she wanted to protect the baby.

She heard everything the doctor said.

She was worried that if she continued to reject food, it would affect her unborn child.

Especially when the doctor said that if this continued, it would definitely affect the development of the fetus.

Also, there was the possibility that the child might stop developing and be stillborn.

If that happened they would have to manually abort the child.

At the moment, her body was sacrificing itself to sustain the pregnancy, but if this went on, it would be hard for her to keep her child.

When she heard this, she felt her chest tighten!

Previously, she was in a daze and did not care about the unborn child at all.

However, when she heard that the child was in danger, she immediately came to her senses.


She simply could not afford to continue being this way.

In that instant, she recalled Youyous appearance as a newborn.

He lay in the infant incubator, small, wrinkled, and red all over.

His little hands were curled together tightly.

The little guy seemed very nervous when he first entered this world.

All he could do was open his little mouth and cry.

How could a baby cry this much

She was a little curious and as these thoughts ran through her mind, she gently reached out her hand.

The little guy immediately stretched his arm out and gripped her hand tightly.

He did not use much strength, but his grip was very firm.

Perhaps it was because of the telepathy, but the child, who was initially crying incessantly, suddenly stopped the moment he held her hand with his eyes tightly shut!

“Why is he so tiny”

Yun Shishi scrutinized him with tears in her eyes.

Such a small blob.

It was said that he was less than 2,500 grams when he was born.

It was way too small.

At that moment, she burst into tears.

She sighed silently.

The most magical thing in the world was to become a mother for the first time!

She could not imagine how this little guy had gotten out of her womb, and she wondered how these two little guys had gotten along in her womb for the past eight months.

Did they fight

At the time, she was immediately amused by her own conjecture.


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