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After all, celebrities depend on their image to make a living.

Moreover, with so many paparazzi present, if someone were to take a photograph of their swollen eyes, it would be too embarrassing.


However, in most cases, they wear sunglasses to hide their indifference.

Only a small handful of celebrities would be at the funeral because of their relationship with the deceased.

Most celebrities treat these events as an opportunity to showcase themselves, because other than award ceremonies, celebrities funerals would be the most crowded.

However, if they do not feel that much for the deceased, it would inevitably look fake no matter how much they try to appear sorrowful.

Hence, sunglasses are used as a disguise, and perhaps the kinder people might imagine that those pairs of eyes behind the sunglasses are actually red from crying.

Other than this, they are also used to prevent sneak shots.

Of course, this is also a cover-up, and this would usually happen to female celebrities.

Female celebrities have a tendency to compete for attention in public.

However funerals are not events suited for the display of high fashion and elegance.

There is no need for colors, nor is there a need for that sort of atmosphere.

Without their gorgeous clothes and makeup, most of the female celebrities would lose self-confidence in their image.

A pair of sunglasses is equivalent to a declaration that they are in an imperfect state.

This is because they know that entertainment reporters are everywhere and would never miss a celebritys funeral.

Its usual for celebrities to wear sunglasses at funerals.

After all, celebrities are constantly acting.

Similarly, at funerals, they would not forget that they are actors.

That fan said sarcastically, “I think she must be here to get some exposure, right! From the time of her debut movie, shes been taking a free ride on Xingzes popularity to get to where she is! But Xingze is no longer around.

Even in these final moments, she taking advantage of his popularity! Moreover, look at her clean face.

She didnt shed a single tear and even came with Mu Yazhe.

Isnt this obvious!”

“Thats right! I realized as well, that she hasnt cried much at all! Could she be wearing sunglasses to hide the fact that she isnt crying!”

“How annoying! I didnt expect her to be such a person!”

“If it had not been for Xingzes support, who would have noticed her! Since she doesnt have any feelings for him, why is she forcing herself to attend the memorial service Hmph! She must be here to get some exposure! All the media outlets are here for Xingzes memorial service today! She naturally wants to take advantage of such a good opportunity!”

Yun Shishi did not hear all these whispers and remarks.

She was not in the mood to care about the other people or matters at the event.

Her heart was heavy like a huge rock weighing down on her.

She tried her best to suppress her emotions and held back her tears as she slowly walked into the memorial hall.

Qin Zhou was standing at the door.

When he saw her, he bowed slightly before hugging her.

He was somewhat surprised by her arrival.

“Why are you here” He paused, then added, “Actually, you really didnt have to come.”

“Qin Zhou… I…”

Yun Shishi could not suppress her emotions any longer and sobbed, “…Im here to… send him off.”

“How are you doing” Qin Zhou saw that she was not in a good state.

“Not good.

Not good at all.”

Yun Shishi sucked in a deep breath.

“Im sorry.

Ive lost my composure…”

“Stop crying… Im very certain its Xingzes hope that you can live well and be happy always! My condolences.”


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