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Chapter 2894: I Only Wish For You to Come Back

Initially, the fans thought that the company was playing an April Fools Day prank.

They would not come to terms with it and were unwilling to believe that the obituary was real.

They even went to Huanyus official website to leave comments, scolding the website for being nasty to hype up the news using such malicious words!

“Gu Xingze said that hes going to America for his postgraduate studies! I reckon its the companys malicious publicity stunt! Although Gu Xingze set up his own studio, hes still under Huanyus wing.

Now that Huanyu has lost such a significant revenue generator, theyre being vindictive.

Thats why they created such a damaging publicity stunt! They want to take advantage of Gu Xingzes popularity to create a vicious publicity stunt before he leaves for good!”

“This is too much! You cant disregard your years of relationship with Gu Xingze just because he insists on leaving the entertainment industry!”

“Xingze is so pitiful! Hes beenaccidentally killed for no reason.

How unlucky!”

However, the fans very soon had to eat their own words.

When many of the medias official Weibo accounts reposted this obituary, many A-list celebrities immediately supported and reposted it, expressing their condolences.

This was especially so for the directors and big-name producers who had worked with Gu Xingze before.

All of the fans were knocked out of their senses, frightened by this grand memorial.

As they were holding on to the last sliver of hope, Gu Xingzes ex-manager came forward and posted an eulogy on Weibo.

“— Goodbye, Xingze.

“Once upon a time, when I first met you, I was amazed.

You were like an elegant gentleman who walked right out of a painting.

You were melancholic but beautiful.

You had an aloofness that was uncommon, but your eyes were filled with pride and loneliness.

I want to sign you up right away, I thought you were a rare talent!

Some people are born to be the center of attention!

Like you.

In fact, time had proven me right!

Having been in the industry for ten years, anything that had been associated with your name bears witness!

You were an idol of the era, a fashion superstar, a talented actor, and the youngest Best Actor of this generation!

You are an irreplaceable legend!

Im so proud of you.

However, in this present moment, I deeply regret my decision at the time.

Perhaps, if we hadnt met and you hadnt stepped into the entertainment industry, you wouldnt have fallen like a meteorite!

Do you know, Xingze

Once upon a time, what my expectations of you were!

I had hoped that youd win the Outstanding Celebrity Award, the Worlds Best Actor Award, the Best Actor Award at various prestigious film festivals, and gain the attention of the entire world!

I had hoped youd rise to rule over them all.

I had hoped that youd become the unsurpassed legend!

But… do you know what my hope is now!

I only wish for you to come back.

It doesnt matter if youre no longer the superstar you used to be.

It doesnt matter if youve lost the glory and shine!

As long as you can come back.

It would be even better if you could start your life afresh.

Even if all these things had been difficult to achieve, if only youd live well, breathe in the fresh air, look up at the beautiful azure sky, and sleep undisturbed always.

How long has it been since you had a good rest

A month

Ten months

Or ten years.

Many people think that being a superstar idol is such a wonderful stroke of luck!


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