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“Lets not bother about this first.”

Gong Jie was not in the mood to explain.

He was only concerned about the two layers of gauze on Yun Shishis eyes and what had happened!

Youyou and Hua Jin exchanged glances.

From Hua Jins account, Gong Jie roughly understood what happened last night.

Youyou explained, “In order to protect Mommy, Uncle Xingze suffered four stabs to his abdomen and back, two of which were fatal.

He lost too much blood and went into shock.

By the time he reached the hospital, he had already lost his vital signs.

As for Mommy… her cornea was damaged by glass shards in an accident.

She may not be able to regain her normal vision anytime soon.”

Little Yichen was heartbroken as he added, “Mommy cried so much because of Uncle Xingzes matter.

No matter how we tried to coax her, it was useless! Shes probably heartbroken.

The doctor repeatedly told her not to cry or shed tears, but no one could stop her! Finally, Daddy managed to coax her to sleep and she hasnt woken up yet.”

Gong Jies heart ached terribly when he heard all these things.

He walked to the edge of the bed and bent down slightly to look at Yun Shishis sleeping face.

His slender fingers gently touched the gauze.

That bleeding spot made his heart writhe in pain!

Perhaps it was because they were twins that he could completely feel the pain she was going through!

He could feel her despair, her helplessness, and her loneliness.

She was filled with pain but had nowhere to vent it.

All of this was something that others were unable to comprehend!

After all, they were not in her shoes.

They had no idea how painful it was.

However, he had an amazing sort of sensing.

He could sense her emotions.

After all, they were already protecting one another before they were born.

“When will she wake up”

His voice was quiet as he did not want to disturb her sleep.

“I hope that Mommy can sleep a little longer.

Otherwise, if she wakes up and keeps crying, it wont be good for her health! Her eyes are already in a bad condition; she cant cry anymore!”

“Also, if she keeps on crying, it wont be good for the baby!” Little Yichen added solemnly.

Gong Jie was stunned.

He could not help but be distracted by his last sentence.

“What What baby!”

He did not understand what was going on.

Youyou, who was standing behind him, said, “Uncle, Mommy is seven weeks pregnant!”

“She… shes pregnant”

Gong Jie was visibly surprised upon hearing this.

“Uh huh! The doctor said that Mommys seven weeks pregnant.

Before this, I had also felt that something was amiss.

During that period of time, Mommys reaction was indeed abnormal! We were told that she even vomited a few times during filming! I had thought that she was just tired from filming.”

Youyou was a little vexed.

He should have realized it then, but he was careless and hoped that his mommy would give him and Little Yichen another little sister.

He had not linked her abnormal reaction to the pregnancy.

Gong Jies gaze fell on her.

He cherished her.

And now, on top of that, he cherished the almost two-month-old baby that she was carrying in her.

Fortunately, the heavens favor was upon her and the child was kept safe in the face of this catastrophe!

At this thought, Gong Jie felt somewhat comforted!

“Its good as long as the child is safe.”

He reached out and took her somewhat cold hand.

His brow furrowed ever so slightly as he pursed his thin lips.

His heart ached so much that tears fell.


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