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Chapter 2885: Suggesting A Cornea Transplant

He was worried that shed be too emotionally unstable to carry the pregnancy through the first three months.

The first trimester is the most dangerous period for a pregnant woman.

If the fetus is not properly nurtured, and if there were to be any mishaps in the first trimester, the fetus will stop developing, or it may not even have a heart of its own.

Given her emotions, if she continued to feel down, a miscarriage would be highly possible.

If that happened, it would be a huge blow to her!

He feared that such a blow would only send her straight to hell!

Hua Jin seemed to have guessed what he was worried about and quickly consoled him, “But fortunately, the child is fine! If she recuperates well, her condition should stabilize in a few weeks!”

Mu Yazhe leaned on the edge of the bed and held her hand tenderly.

He steadied the back of her hand and lightly pecked her fingertips.

“It will get better…”

He spoke so quietly that it was unclear whether he was comforting Hua Jin or Shishi.

In the hospital ward.

Yun Shishi woke up to find her eyes heavily bandaged.

She could hear the doctor and Mu Yazhe conversing in a grave tone.

Mu Yazhe sat by the bed expressionlessly as he quietly listened.

It was so quiet that there was barely any movement.

Standing beside him, Hua Jin listened attentively.

His face was full of anxiety and worry as he looked at the doctor.

Youyou and Little Yichen, on the other hand, looked solemn.

Having not rested all night, Hua Jin looked somewhat haggard, and it was the same for Mu Yazhe.

The doctor was busy writing his report, but his face was not as cold as usual.

He carefully sized up Yun Shishi, who was lying on the bed.

At the same time, he looked fearfully at the gloomy Mu Yazhe, and said regretfully, “Mr.

Mu, your wifes cornea was injured by sharp objects, which has caused damage to her vision.

Its very likely that shes lost her sight.”

Hua Jins face turned ashen when he heard this.

Still holding onto a ray of hope, he probed further, “Doctor, what do you mean by that What… what blindness”

The doctor raised his head.

There was helplessness in his eyes behind his thick glasses.

He said calmly, “It means that her eyesight is only 0.03.

Her eyes have lost almost all sight and cognition, and she can only see light vaguely.”

Upon hearing this news, Hua Jin almost passed out.

Youyou stumbled and nearly lost his balance.

Yun Shishi had long woken.

Upon hearing this conclusion, she clenched her fists reflexively as her throat tightened.

In that moment, her heart almost fell into the abyss of despair.

She could not see a thing, but she could clearly feel that Mu Yazhe was holding her hand tightly.

Her fingertips were trembling slightly, and she even heard Hua Jins heartbreaking question.

“Does… does it mean that Shishis… Shishis eyes have not been cured It… it cant be cured”

“That might not be the case.

If you will consider a cornea transplant, then the sooner we can get that done, the better.

After all, its hard to find donors in medical institutions in China.

Even if we can find a suitable donor, the surgery is not a guaranteed success.

So, we have to be mentally prepared… But, considering that shes pregnant, we cant rush the surgery.

After all, for a pregnant woman, any surgery is very risky!”

Lying on the bed, Yun Shishis body suddenly stiffened!



Pregnant woman…

Why are these words so unfamiliar!

What do they mean!

Confused, she forced herself to pay attention to what the doctor was saying.

Prior to that, she was only half listening.


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