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Chapter 2858: May I See You (1)


Many fans gathered under the big screen.

When they heard this news, they covered their mouths, trying to stifle their cries.

The morale in the entertainment industry had probably never been lower than on this day.

Two days after the press conference, this incident continued to be the centre of attention.

Because of this matter,Extreme Youth became the center of attention as well.

The crew promoted the production with Gu Xingze obviously missing.

Faced with the medias barrage of questions, all the topics revolved around him.

Everyone in the production team felt awkward.

The media was focusing on a main lead who was no longer participating in any publicity activity.

It was the most frustrating thing.

There were some questions that they wanted to answer as well, but even they did not know what the answer was and why Gu Xingze wanted to leave the entertainment industry.

The director kept repeating, “Please dont ask about topics unrelated to this piece of work!”

“Im sorry, I dont know!”

However, the media seemed insistent on getting to the bottom of this matter.

Backstage, the director nearly flipped.

“Gu Xingze, Gu Xingze… Why are they always talking about him! Its not like we can interfere with his decision of quitting the entertainment industry! We dont even know the reason behind it! The media really lacks basic standards!”

Yun Shishis heart sank even lower when she heard this.

“That bunch of Gu Xingzes fans are really too much! Hes only quitting the entertainment industry and theyre wailing like someones died! Look at those brainless fans at the venue.

They look as if Im the one whos forcing Gu Xingze to quit.

Downright annoying!”

Hua Jin felt a little uncomfortable at the directors words.

“Wailing like someone died! Director, do you have to be so harsh”

“Am I not stating the facts as they are!”

The director was really furious.

“Why are you sticking your head out for nothing!”

“I dont think its right for you to say that about Senior Xingzes fans! Its too much!” Hua Jin said.

“Perhaps, because of his health, he had the idea of leaving the entertainment industry long ago! When he was on the show that day, I could tell that he looked unwell.

Furthermore, even though he had the intention of leaving the industry, he did it after completing all his scenes and after the entire production team completed all filming! His leaving had also indirectly helped the production team gain popularity! So even if he was determined to leave the entertainment industry, as the most basic form of respect, you shouldnt say that about his fans!”

“Who do you think you are!” The director swore at once.

“Hua Jin, are you trying to pick a fight with me! Who do you think you are! Youre just a gigolo who was provided for by a sugar daddy and got to where you are through unspoken rules! Why are you even interfering into what Im saying about these brainless fans! Scram!”


Hua Jin glared at him furiously.

He had dug up old scores and even said such malicious words!

Hua Jin was so aggravated that he wanted to rush forward.

She immediately held him back, however.

“Hua Jin, dont be rash.”

Under her persuasion, Hua Jin finally managed to hold himself back.

He saw her turn around, walk toward the director, and stop in front of him.

“Shishi, what are you doing…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yun Shishi raised her hand and gave the man a tight slap.

Everyone looked on, dumbfounded.

There were quite a number of big shots who dared to challenge the director.

But Yun Shishi was the first person to have ever slapped the man in front of everyone.

Has she gone nuts!

“What are you doing!” The director covered his face in embarrassment.

She replied expressionlessly, “If you dont respect others, dont expect others to respect you.”


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