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After filming ended, the production team held a grand celebration party.

In order to promote the show, the entire production team created a variety show which received extremely high ratings.

The program was called “Ace Intelligence Agency”, and it was an entertainment program for celebrities to fight against variety shows.

Once it was released, the viewership ratings hit the roof.

Surprisingly, Gu Xingze also confirmed his participation in the recording.

He rarely took on variety shows nowadays.

Because of his status, he would definitely not endorse variety programs that had poor reviews or were childish in style.

Many high-quality variety show celebrities really did not have the resources to deal with these noisy variety shows because of clashing schedules.

Apart from some talk shows, “Ace Intelligence Agency” was probably a rare participation from him following “The Love Diary”.

The script was quickly formulated and distributed to everyone.

Variety programs all had scripts.

As long as the artistes who went on the program memorized the scripts well, they would be able to predict the content of every segment beforehand.

In this era of entertainment, even if they did not boast a substantial portfolio or enjoy any level of popularity, but if they were quick-witted enough to react on the spot, even 18th-tier celebrities would be able to gain a fair number of passer-by fans through variety programs.

Previously, there was a model who participated in a sports reality show.

Her exceptional sense for variety shows made her value soar rapidly.

From a mere 200,000 yuan, her appearance fee skyrocketed to a million yuan.

Moreover, with her new and astonishing popularity, she went on to star in many movies and television dramas even though her acting skills left much to be desired.

After all, she did not go to acting school, nor was she born to be an actress.

Even under the best of directors, her acting fell flat.

And even so, given the popularity she had gained from variety shows, her annual endorsement earnings were close to tens of millions.

8 pm.

With all the main cast in place, the recording officially began.

Every segment was unique.

After the passionate opening dance, the game segment began.

The game segments were nothing more than engaging and interesting games that could highlight the sense of variety and attract viewers.

For example, two people with three legs, or drawing and guessing.

It was nothing more than these routine games.

Even if Yun Shishi had not done too many of these, she had seen too many, and was sick of them.

However, under the companys training, her sense of variety steadily improved.

When she played games, she completely abandoned her idol image and fought fiercely with the other guests.

In one of the games, they had to wear a special Sumo suit and play Sumo on a mock competition stage.

Yun Shishi, who was wearing a bulky Sumo outfit, was in the same team as Hua Jin as she fought against Gu Xingze and another female host.

After discussing with Hua Jin, they decided to work together to deal with Gu Xingze.

Hua Jin was responsible for charging.

With a loud roar, he charged toward Gu Xingze, who was also wearing a similar costume!


He let out a raging roar, but to his surprise, Gu Xingze dodged nimbly and he missed.

Gu Xingze then leaped forward and kicked him in the butt, catching him off guard and sending him sprawling.


Yun Shishi was completely dumbfounded.

This Hua Jin is too weak!

Hua Jin immediately stood up and pounced on Gu Xingze again.

Yun Shishi was not to be trifled with either.

She rushed toward Gu Xingze as well.

The three of them got entangled and started shoving each other.

The female host could not stand it anymore and stepped forward to help Gu Xingze.


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