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Chapter 219: Right Time

After five minutes in the video, Lu Jingtian dragged away Yun Na in the corridor.

And then, after a long while, she came alone in the recording looking all flustered.

And after a dozen of minutes, a few security personnel rush to the scene and took Yun Na who was already unconscious.

Youyou’s handsome little face relaxes.

And his tranquil looking eyes turn very calm like a mountain.

Lu Jingtian… …

Tonight’s cocktail party is really amazing ah.

Such a wonderful drama actually happened

Although Yun Na ended up that way.

He didn’t feel sorry for her because he thinks that Yun Na deserves it.

Youyou is still young, but he knows what karma is.

If a man plants a good seed, it will bear a good fruit.

But if a man plants an evil seed, it will bear nothing but an evil fruit.

Even though Yoyou thinks like that, he still couldn’t help but feel surprised with Lu Jingtian’s actions.

Since from the start, Lu Jingtian’s actions were already too cruel.  So, even though he didn’t saw what exactly she did after, with Yun Na’s horrible and bloody looking face.

He can already make a guess.

In the end, what kind of person she really is ah Well, he doesn’t care, he’s too lazy to pursue Yun Na’s issue.

But, just by thinking that in the cocktail party, Lu Jingtian happened to confront his mommy.

Yun Tianyou’s face turns colder than ever.

He is not afraid of anything.

So if by chance, that woman does the same thing to his mommy… …

Just by thinking, Youyou’s heart becomes out of control.

Yun Tianyou closed the video and save it to his file.

Then, he only replied simple words to Lin Hanlin: Wait for the right time.


Reading those words, Li Hanlin couldn’t help but feel wonder: Right time

What does he mean Isn’t the right time is now

He tried his best to get these videos in his hand.

Because he thought Yun Tianyou will leak it to the media to destroy Lu Jingtian’s reputation.

However, he was wrong, because Yun Tianyou said to wait for the right time.

What right time

Li Hanlin suddenly remembered that Yun Tinayou made the same decision before in the company.

At that time, Le Zhi’s Toy Company developed a smart toy product.

All the board of directors got amazed with it and said that it will sweep away the market once it was released.

The first batch of orders has been put into production.

And that time, the smart toy coincide with the high demand of toy in the market.

Because of that, the board of directors got very eager and immediately signed the other orders and then pass it to Yun Tianyou for approval.

However, he didn’t approve it.

The board of directors repeatedly urge him.

But, he only said the same words: Wait for the right time.

Wait Right time

That time, Li Hanlin also cannot help but get curious.

The other board of directors got curious too.

And they cannot understand how his mind really works.

While the board of directors was still puzzled.

Not after more than two months, MITEL Toy Company faced a chain of scandal.

The International Monitoring Committee (IMC) immediately made an investigation.

And they found out that the MITEL Toy Company’s wooden toy has a high level of lead, the coating easily dissolves and many other more issues. 

MITEL Toy Company is one of the biggest manufacturers of toys.

And they are the biggest competitors of Le Zhi’s Toy Company when it comes to quality, production, and assembling.

So when this scandal was exposed.

The world got shocked and their reputation immediately hit the bottom.

Because of that, the parents started paying great attention to the quality of toys.

Toys are supposed to be enjoyed by the children.

So, if the quality is bad, wouldn’t it cause harm to the children’s health


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