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Chapter 2849: If Mommy Says Youre Not, Youre Not


Feeling aggrieved, the lackey hung his head and cautiously probed, “Then… Old Master, should we continue”

Just as Gu Jinglian was hesitating—

Baby Chus cries suddenly came from the master bedroom.

The man immediately got up and walked into the bedroom, looking alert.

He turned on the wall lamp and saw that Baby Chu had woken up from his dream.

He was sitting on the bed, hugging the blanket and sobbing pitifully!

It was probably because he had a nightmare that he cried out in fear the moment he woke up.

He rubbed his tears with the blanket while wailing.

Gu Jinglian walked over and sat by the bed.

He asked in a quiet voice, “Why are you crying”

“Baby Chu… Baby Chu dreamed of Mommy!”

Baby Chu rubbed his wet eyes and wailed, “Baby Chu dreamed that Mommy was standing by the bed and touching my face! I dont know what happened, but in the blink of an eye, she disappeared.

I ran out after her and saw her walking without looking back.

No matter how I called out to her, she didnt seem to hear me and didnt even look back at me!”

At the mention of this, Baby Chu cried even more aggrievedly.

“I ran after her with all my might, but I felt that the road was so long that I couldnt catch up no matter what! She didnt even turn back and walked further and further away.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was back on the bed! Boohoo… Does Mommy not want me anymore Does she not want me anymore…”

Gu Jinglian frowned.

What was that saying again

That a mother and son are joined by the heart.

In the past, he felt that this saying was hypocritical.

But now, he realized what the saying meant.

How eerie!

He immediately tried to pacify the boy in a gentle tone, “Its just a dream!”


Baby Chu immediately cried out loud.

A huge sense of unease came over him as his world came crashing down.

“Will Mommy really not want me…”

“If she doesnt want you then so be it!”

Gu Jinglian immediately clarified his stand.

“Uncle wants you.”

“Boohoo… No…”

Baby Chu cried even harder.

“Mommy cant abandon me…”

“You keep mentioningmommy.

Why Cant you stay with Uncle” Gu Jinglian was a little displeased!

This sort of emotions only made things worse.

He did not realize that he cared about the childs opinion of him!

However, it was obvious that to Baby Chu, his mother was more important.

The man was naturally displeased.

Baby Chu mumbled, “Its not like youre my father!”


He opened his mouth, but found himself unable to utter the words “Im your father”.

Out of pride, he would never admit defeat to a child.

Hence, he changed the topic and asked, “Why am I not”

“Mommy never said you are!”

Baby Chu acted like a mothers boy.

“You are only if Mommy says so! If Mommy says youre not, youre not!”

Gu Jinglian glowered in anger.

This child was only five years old, yet he was already taking sides with that woman.

How could this happen

But he did not think about it from another perspective.

This child had depended on Chu He since birth.

If he didnt stand by her, who else would he stand by

His so-called father had left a terrible impression on him.

There was nothing he could do about the child not being close to him.

But what sort of man was Gu Jinglian

How could such a proud man allow himself to be inferior to others


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