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When Chu He woke up again, she felt a chill all over her body.

She opened her eyes and looked around, only to realize that she was in a cold and damp cellar.


Although it was called a cellar, it was more accurate to say that this was the Gu familys underground prison.

It was specially used to imprison traitors who had betrayed the Gu family.

There were many torture devices in the dungeon.

When Chu He first entered the Gu Family, she was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the torture tools of the Gu Family.

She had no idea how cruel the torture tactics of the Qing Dynasty were.

She had only seen with her own eyes that the Gu familys ancient torture instruments were enough to loosen the most tightly guarded tongue, making the traitors cry and howl.

Chu He subconsciously wanted to stand up, but as she tried to do so, her ankle was pulled back by a force.

Caught off guard, she nearly fell forward.

She turned around and realized that her limbs were all shackled tightly!

Her wrists dangled from the chains overhead.

Her ankles were also tightly bound by chains.

D*mn it!

Biting her lips, Chu He stared at the bruises on her hands caused by the chains and her face tensed up.

“I told you a long time ago that the Gu family is not a place where you can come and go as you please.”

Gu Jinglians nasty voice could be heard coming from somewhere nearby.

Chu He raised her head and glared in the direction of the voice.

He was sitting elegantly on the high back chair with his legs crossed and casually fiddling with the jade ring in his hand.

His relaxed appearance was just like this dungeon, gloomy and cold.

Chu He had never feared anyone.

With the exception of Gu Jinglian.

There was an intimidating aura about him.

His entire being exuded an aura that made ones hair stand on end, even if he was only sitting there, not doing or saying anything.

Especially the icy glint that flashed across his phoenix eyes, it was truly frightening.

If one were to draw an analogy between Gu Jinglian and an animal…

It would have had to be a cold-blooded creature like a snake.

Just his gaze alone was enough to make anyone feel as if he was an icy-cold snake coiling around his shoulders, its pair of snake eyes enlarging as it stared fixedly at its prey, coiling itself tighter and tighter… one would feel suffocated just looking at him.

At this moment, Gu Jinglians gaze fell on her.

Chu Hes breathing started to rise and fall violently, she was unable to calm down.

“What do you want” Chu He gritted her teeth and asked.

“You dare to barge into the Gu residence by yourself” Gu Jinglians lips curled up coldly and he asked slowly,” I should be the one asking you what you want!”

“My purpose is clear!”

Chu He did not beat around the bush.

She negotiated with him and said in no uncertain terms, “I came to take Baby Chu back!”

“Baby Chu is my son,” Gu Jinglian said plainly.

Chu He was stunned for a moment before she sneered, “He is my son.

My blood flows in his body!”

“Similarly, my blood flows in his body!”

After Gu Jinglian finished speaking, he frowned slightly, seemingly in a dilemma.

“We seem to have a dispute over custody”


“Listen, I can let you go, but on one condition.”

Chu He gritted her teeth and asked, “What condition”


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