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Chapter 2837: A Chaotic Childhood

She was born in a chaotic and war-torn country.

During that era, the international community looked down on the Chinese.

Her family was Chinese and her father was weak by nature, so when it came to being bullied and oppressed, he chose to swallow his pride.

It was under such conditions that he lived on.

Hence, from the time she was young, her experience had taught her that weakness would only cause one to be bullied and oppressed.

She initially thought that life would continue to be so difficult.

However, it was not until that year, in the dark month of May, that their country suffered incitement by other countries and began to ostracize the H people.

In the midst of the armed chaos, her father was shot and tragically died.

Her mother, on the other hand, was stripped naked by the locals.

After suffering rounds of humiliation, her hands and feet were tied to a car and she was dragged through the streets.

On the rocky and rugged road, the woman was dragged alive, into a mass of flesh and blood.

It was a tragic and ghastly sight.

Up till the time her mother died, she did not see her one last time.

During that chaos, countless H people died.

She, on the other hand, did not choose to yield.

At the age of seven, she chose to resist in the face of adversity.

She was dragged into the cellar by a local ruffian.

Just as she was about to be humiliated, she bit him hard and snatched the iron rod from his waist.

Who knew where she got the strength to knock the man out.

Relying on her instinct, she escaped from the cellar and came to the dock with a group of people.

Together with them, she boarded the rescue ship that was heading to M nation.

Overnight, her family had been destroyed and she was now homeless.

Anywhere would be a foreign land.

When she arrived in M Nation, a humanitarian organization took her in.

After that, she somehow ended up being assigned to the secret service organization for training.

Her childhood experience made her realize that being weak would only result in being bullied.

Only by being strong would one be respected.

Chu He collected her thoughts and changed into the clothes Lin Mu had prepared for her.

There was a bulletproof layer on the clothes.

Naturally, this layer could not withstand close-range bullets.

Military boots that could hide daggers.

Infrared detector.

She put the pistol around her waist and took another hundred rounds, which she tied to her combat boots and waist belt.

Then she collected her equipment and closed the trunk.

Lin Mu hurried forward.

“Chu He, are you really not going to reconsider”

“Does the headquarters know that Im still alive” Chu He suddenly asked.

Lin Mu was stunned for a moment and quickly shook his head.

“It was too rushed.

I didnt have time to report.”

“Theres no need to report!”

Chu He casually wiped the body of the gun with a cloth and said lightly, “Vermillion Bird is dead.

I have my own name now.”


Lin Mu found it hard to believe.

“The name Vermillion Bird is synonymous with supreme glory! You used to place great importance on glory.

How could you so casually say that you want to give up the name Vermillion Bird Are you going to abandon what you once considered glory”

Chu He suddenly froze.

Lin Mu thought that she was wavering, so he took a few steps forwards to face her and persuaded her patiently, “Vermillion Bird, you are very outstanding! If President Liu Yuanwei knew that youre still alive, hed be overjoyed! He promoted you himself, and he was proud of you.

When the news of your death reached the headquarters that day, he was the most upset! He sat in the office all day, holding your badge, and even shed tears! Youve attained so many outstanding achievements.

And now if you return to the headquarters, your opportunity to advance will be beyond imagination.”


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