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Chapter 217: Compassion

Either in the past or in the present, it can be said that Mu Qingcheng’s beauty will still win the heart of many.

But, Mu Wanrou’s appearance is far very different from her.

Because she’s not even comparable with Mu Qingcheng’s little finger.

So, when Mu Wanrou reaches her adult age, Mu Sheng once again asked for a DNA test.

But, who knows where did Mu Wanrou heard this information.

Because she hurriedly went to the genetic laboratory test and bribe the doctors to tamper the result.

Because of that, Mu Sheng was kept in the dark.

And he believed that she was the successor of the beauty of the capital.

However, regarding this matter, Mu Yazhe learns about it.

Mu Wanrou didn’t know that Mu Yazhe also asked for her DNA test.

And that he already knows her false identity.

Poor Mu Wanrou, she thought she had outsmarted everyone, but she was wrong.

She thought that by simply tampering the DNA test result, she’ll be able to hide her identity and lived as Mu Sheng’s granddaughter forever.

However, she didn’t know what kind of person Mu Yazhe is truly is.

He might be born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he’s not really that simple.

Because if he was only that simple, he won’t be able to reign all the other giants in the business world in terror.

She knows he has power, wealth, and shares, but she’ll never learn about his dark schemes.

Although Mu Sheng is still crafty, he’s already very old.

So, he no longer has his spiciness in his surroundings.

And he’s now only like a decaying wood that easily gets confused.

However, Mu Yazhe is not old like Mu Sheng. Mu Wanrou can calculate what is inside in Mu Sheng’s mind, but not in Mu Yazhe’s head.

Mu Wanrou’s cleverness is not enough to bring him down.

So, Mu Yazhe has suspected that there is someone backing her.

And that there is some conspiracy going on.

Which is why he didn’t make any move yet and just waiting for the right time.

Mu Sheng was getting older, so although he’s the chairman of Emperor Sheng Foundation and has the biggest shares.

He’s getting ready to retire.

So most likely, he’ll give everything to his most valued grandson. 

He’s old and no one knows how long he will live more.

So inevitably, someone will keep an eye on his inheritance.

Mu Yazhe is the sole heir, so he will be the future head of Mu family once Mu Sheng finally gives his approval.

So, other members of the family couldn’t just sit idly.

Mu Sheng has three wives.

But, he only has one son and that is Mu Liancheng.

On the other hand, Mu Yazhe is the only son of Mu Liancheng and Jiang Yishan.  So from top to bottom, there is no one else but him as successor!

In recent years, Mu Sheng’s condition is getting worse.

So other members of the family that want to covet his position could no longer sit idly!

In this gigantic world of business, women have always been a pawn of the battle in power.

Mu Yazhe was holding Yun Shishi.

And while he was recalling the DNA test result, he had thought of something.

Since she is Mu Qingcheng’s real daughter and Mu Wanrou is the fake one.

Everything Mu Wanrou owns is originally hers. 

Meaning, Yun Shishi is his real fiancee.

Well, that is not undeniable, Mu Yazhe has seen Mu Qingcheng’s old photo.

So, he knows that their temperamental and beauty are extremely the same.

So, even if he won’t present the DNA test result to Mu Sheng and just showed her.

Mu Sheng will realize immediately who is the real one.

Yun Shishi perfectly inherited the extraordinary beauty of Mu Qingcheng.

Because of that, this beauty alone is enough as evidence.

However, he won’t show her.

Because he has full compassion in her.


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