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Chapter 2816: Die-hard

Gong Jie closed his eyes, clenched his fists tightly, and slowly got up.

However, just as he sat up, he felt his vision turn black.

After a moment of giddiness, he almost fell over.

Alice immediately reached out to support him.

His entire weight was on her, so of course it was a hefty load.

“This fellow.

What sort of diet are you on that makes you so heavy!” Alice said, heaving.

“Dont tell Father about this.”

He muttered under his breath and closed his eyes.

Alice finally became a little nervous.

Gong Jie was in pain.

He actually passed out from the pain, which meant that the wound infection had worsened.

Already in such a terrible state, he did not go into an operation immediately, but instead took out his phone to make that strange call!

However, what Alice did not know, was that Gong Jie was eager to call Yun Shishi because he was worried that he would not have another opportunity to hear her voice, if his injury should worsen.

As the CEO of Hurricane Group, he was destined to tread a thin line between life and death.

No matter how many people there were to protect him, no plan was ever foolproof.

The only reason he had been shot this time was because he did not expect a certain anti-establishment organization to be so arrogant and unchecked.

After he was injured, a troop of men had escorted him back to the headquarters.

Hurricane Group had its own airspace, and even without having to report to the signal tower, their plane could take off anytime.

By the time they returned to the headquarters, Gong Jie had lost a lot of blood.

However he did not enter the operating theater immediately.

It was only after he had done the video call with Yun Shishi that he felt the burden lifted from him.

Alice was furious.

Was he not taking his own body seriously!

Did he know that if the infection around his wound worsened, it would be very serious and he might even lose his life!

She immediately called for help and hurriedly sent him into the operating room.

At dawn.

After three hours of intense surgery, Alice finally dislodged and removed the bullet, cleaned the wound, and checked the rest of Gong Jie for other injuries.

Fortunately, other than the gunshot wound on his body, there were no other signs of injury.

This fellow was really lucky.

Gong Jie watched wide eyed as she slowly placed the bullet head on the tray.

“Clang!” The sound was crisp and clear.

Due to the high impact, the bullet had been deformed.

After the wound was cleaned, the bleeding was put to a stop.

Then they cleared the area and stitched up.

Alice exhaled in relief.

“Will this leave a scar” Gong Jie suddenly asked.

Alice glanced at it and snorted.

“What do you think A deep wound like this will definitely leave a scar!”

“Wouldnt that be ugly”

Gong Jie furrowed his brow in disgust.

His well-proportioned body was one of the very few things in life that he was satisfied with.

This was especially true for his shoulder blade and collarbone.

His joints were prominent and his muscles distinct, a direct result of his training.

This gunshot wound was really ugly to say the least.

“I didnt expect you to be this delicate, but its normal for a man to have scars on his body.

I think a man with scars is very sexy.”


Gong Jie disagreed with her.

“I dont think a man must have scars on his body.

Its very ugly.”

“You can get a tattoo,” Alice suggested.

“The best way to hide a scar is a tattoo.”


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