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Chapter 215: Mu Qingcheng (1)

Who could it be

In fact, since long ago, he had already doubted Mu Wanrou’s identity.

Mu Yazhe was still young when Mu Sheng brought the nine-year-old Mu Wanrou in front of him.

Mu Sheng told him that she will be his future fiancee.

Mu Yazhe didn’t show any emotion in his face when he hears it, but inside his heart, he’s not willing.

When Mu Wanrou entered the Mu Family.

Mu Sheng felt an extreme joy and happiness.

Because of that, he didn’t ask or perform a DNA test and just collected her blood sample.

But, as the years go by, Mu Sheng noticed that Mu Wanrou’s appearance look so different to her mother.

Her facial features or eyes doesn’t have any resemblance to her.

Mu Sheng felt doubted, so he asked for a DNA test.

When this matter was done, Mu Wanrou was still young.

She still doesn’t understand this kind of test.

So, how can a little girl like her stir up a big storm in such a young age

However, when the result came out, there was no problem.

They matched.

So, although Mu Sheng still felt strange, he no longer takes it to heart.

He only thinks that maybe she’s still young and not matured yet.

However, when Mu Wanrou became a complete adult and her facial features finally matured.

Her appearance became more different from her mother.

So, once again, Mu Sheng became suspicious.


Mu Qingcheng, that is the name of that woman.

Mu Sheng recognized that woman as his daughter.

But, she and Mu Sheng doesn’t have any blood relationship.

Mu Yazhe doesn’t know much about this woman.

Because he can’t get any official information about her.

As if someone has deliberately and completely erased all of her information.

And that someone is no other than Mu Sheng.

What about her personal things All of them were clean up and sealed in the basement by Mu Sheng.

He only left a jade pendant.

And that jade pendant is what he always staring at.

However, about her life story, Mu Yazhe was able to hear some.

That year, in the capital, Mu Qingcheng was only a humble singer in a dance hall.  She haven’t been adopted by the Mu Sheng, so she was only called as “Qingcheng” because she was an orphan and doesn’t have a family name.

That time, the capital was far less prosperous than now.

However, because of economic reform, it gave chances for some to be rich.

But during that time, the Mu Family was already rich and powerful.

So, it can be said that they are rich since centuries.

At that time, there was a bustling commercial street in the capital.

It was known as a bar street in our time.

That time, bar and nightclubs aren’t popular.

It was the Dance Hall that was the most popular past time of the rich. 

The Paramount Hall is one of the located dance halls in that bustling commercial street.

And that Paramount Hall was one of the many industrial companies under Mu Family.

The Paramount hall was originally about to collapse because of its poor management.

But suddenly, the Paramount Hall manager luckily dig up a talented baby.

Qingcheng was a good dancer.

She also has a very natural beautiful voice.

But, what’s more, shocking is her face.

Because her face looks very beautiful and elegant.

And because she has such qualities, Qingcheng position in the dance hall gradually risen along with the Paramount Hall that was about to collapse.

The Paramount Hall’s business was declining, but when she joined them, they even robbed the other dance hall’s popularity.

Many big bosses got attracted to Qingcheng, so later on, they became the Paramount Hall’s regular customers.


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