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Yun Shishis heart shattered like glass.

She gritted her teeth and turned to glare at Mu Yazhe, only to see that he was trying to hide the nasty smile on his lips.

If not for the fact that there were other people around, he would have laughed at her in a most ungentlemanly manner.

The woman glared at him angrily.

“Why are you making up ghost stories to scare people!”

“I thought you wouldnt believe such lame fabrications.

I didnt expect you to be so naive.” He scoffed at her.

She clenched her fists in anger.

How infuriating!

She had been tricked.

“So its a story made up by Brother-in-law.” Hua Jin finally understood what was going on and started laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh, my god! Shishi, youre so silly! How could you believe such nonsense! Hahaha…”

“Shut up! Youre not to laugh anymore!” Yun Shishi looked devastated.

On the side, the staff members sitting in the rest area were also amused by the conversation among these three people.

This couple was too loving!

Some time ago, Yun Shishis fans gave them a couple name.

“Estee Lauder”.

[In the Chinese translation of this brand name, the first two characters are found in each of the couples names.]

Yun Shishi giggled when she saw the couple name.

If they were to gain more fame as a couple, would Estee Lauder approach them to be spokespeople

Unexpectedly, not long after, Estee Lauder did actually approach her for product endorsement.

At that point, Yun Shishi was flabbergasted.

After bidding farewell to the production crew, Yun Shishi and Hua Jin walked behind them happily while Mu Yazhe drove the car over.

“Shishi, youre so blessed now.”

“If only I could find a man who loves me this much,” he said enviously.

He had unwittingly blurted out shocking information.

She shuddered.

“A man”

“No, no…”

Hua Jin quickly waved his hands and said in embarrassment, “That was a mistake.

I meant a woman! A woman!”

Yun Shishi continued to scrutinize him meaningfully.

The man immediately raised his hand and swore, “I swear that my sexual orientation is absolutely normal!”

“Hua Jin…”


Yun Shishi said seriously, “Actually, its not shameful to like men.”


He seemed on the verge of tears as he covered his face.

“I really… dont like men.

Im the straightest man in the universe!”

She smiled.

“Hua Yuzhi.” [Hua Yuzhi is a made up name that means “the straightest man in the universe”]

“Get lost.”

Halfway through his words, Hua Jin looked at Mu Yazhes back view and suddenly laughed.

“Brother-in-law looks like a dutiful chauffeur.”


Yun Shishi hurriedly put her hand over his mouth.

“If he hears you, he might kill you!”

Mu Yazhe could vaguely hear the discussion behind him, but sensed that Hua Jin was treading cautiously.

Hence the man raised an eyebrow but did not probe further, he turned around, entered the car, and drove out of the parking lot.

As usual, Hua Jin hitched a ride with them to go back to his apartment.

Although he had bought a second-hand car, for some reason, he was unlucky enough to have picked a car that had been in an accident.

A few years ago, storms in the capital resulted in floods in the city.

Many cars had their engines immersed in flood waters.

The mechanic who repaired his car said that the car would stall on the road ever so often, probably because water had entered the engine and it needed to be replaced.

Hua Jin was upset for several days.

Yun Shishi had offered to give him a loan to get a new car.

However, Hua Jin said that he wanted to rely on his own efforts and salary to buy one.

“Just ask Brother-in-law to give me a tiny bit of resources!” Hua Jin said in a negotiating tone.

“Is this considered latching on”


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