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Yun Shishi shuddered in fear.

“He wont go astray!” She clenched her fists.

“Hes not a playboy.”

“Im not trying to scare you! It seems like you still dont understand men.”

Qin Zhou continued to brag, “No matter how much willpower a man has, its said that they are creatures who think with their lower bodies.

Its not without basis! Assuming CEO Mu has enough willpower to guard against one of these vixens, would he be able to guard against a group of them”

Yun Shishi gulped.

After Yun Shishi was done filming, she bade farewell to the production crew.

As she walked out of the set, she saw Mu Yazhe sitting quietly in his chair, waiting for her in the resting area.

She glanced at the chair he was sitting on.

It was so shabby.

However, even sitting there and doing nothing, his carriage exuded an air of nobility that could not be sullied.

She had never seen anyone else who could make a chair of a few dollars look like a grandmaster chair…

When he saw her, he got onto his feet and walked to her.

“Done filming”

“Uh huh, youre early today”

“Is it early”

Mu Yazhe glanced and pointed at his watch.

“Madame, its getting late.

Youre the one finishing late today.”

Yun Shishi glanced at the time and was surprised.

“Its that late”


Of course!”

Mu Yazhe raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you so late I heard from your assistant that you havent been at your best the last few days.

Are you feeling unwell”

“Not really…”

Yun Shishi said resentfully, “The main thing is that there were a few scenes that need to be filmed at the cliffs.

I thought that I wasnt afraid of heights, but I had to drive through a very steep mountain road.

Looking to the right, there was a bottomless abyss.

When I saw the cliffs, my imagination inevitably ran wild.

I thought that if I didnt control the car well and it flew out, Id be smashed to bits! The thought really frightened me.

I guess I was so nervous that it took a toll on my vital qi.”


There was such logic

That if a person was frightened, it would hurt their vital qi

Mu Yazhe said, “Your body is failing you.”

“Hey! Cant I be timid” Yun Shishi felt aggrieved.

“Its bad enough that youve offered no reassurance, yet youre making sarcastic remarks! The works dangerous to begin with! A moment of carelessness, the car will lose control and fly out.

Thats a thousand-meter cliff!”

“I never realized you were so timid.” He rubbed her hair affectionately and continued, “But you deserve it.

I wasnt the one who made you take on such a dangerous script.

Back then, when accepting this script, someone was being so ambitious!”

“This has nothing to do with courage.

Even if you were the one filming it, your legs will go weak.”

Mu Yazhe suddenly smiled.

“I forgot to tell you.

I used to race on this mountain road when I was young.”


Yun Shishi almost choked and asked in confusion, “Race on this mountain road”


Mountain racing is about drifting and swinging the car tail.”

“…When you were young, meaning when excatly”

“I was seventeen.”


The woman was shocked.

“You were racing in illegal drift races at the age of seventeen”

Mu Yazhe pinched her face.

“It was an official world-class race.

All the top drivers were participating in it.”

“Did you get a placing”

He shook his head.


“Why not”

Yun Shishi sniggered helplessly.

“I thought youd tell me you were the champion!”


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