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Baby Chu felt aggrieved.

I dont want a Daddy anymore.

Just my Mommy is enough!

He lowered his head, sobbing and feeling extremely despondent.

Perhaps due to how helpless he looked when he cried, Gu Jinglian felt his heart soften at the sight of Baby Chu.

He actually did not plan on acknowledging this child who appeared out of nowhere.

He was not mentally prepared at all.

A child had appeared out of thin air, claiming to be his son.

He did not, and would not, accept that fact.

However, blood was thicker than water.

After all, Baby Chu was his biological son.

Gu Jinglian was not so cold to the point of being heartless, especially when he saw Baby Chus tear-stricken face.

His resolve finally collapsed.

Upon seeing how helpless and vulnerable Baby Chu looked, his heart softened.

Hence, he reached out his large palm and gently stroked Baby Chus fringe.

“Stop crying.”

He was at a loss as to what to do.

Looking at Baby Chu, he furrowed his brows.

He wanted to console him like a father, but because of his pride, he could not bring himself to do so.

Yet, it was not a feasible option to let the child keep crying.

If he did not stop this, he would not be able to have a peaceful night.

Forget it. 

Why should I stoop to the level of a child

Should I coax him a little

But how does one coax a child 

As a new father, he lacked any experience.

Gu Jinglians gaze darkened as he sized up Baby Chu.

After deliberating for a while, he uttered with an awkward expression, “Dont cry anymore.

Dont you know that you look really ugly when you cry”

“…” Baby Chu blinked his teary eyes and suddenly wailed even louder.

How is this coaxing a child

Exasperated, Butler Fu interrupted, “Master, this is not how you coax a child! If you say this, the child will only cry harder!”

An embarrassed expression crossed Gu Jinglians face for a moment, before he glared at Butler Fu coldly.

“Whos coaxing him! I just think that his crying is very irritating.”

“…” Butler Fus lips twitched.

He could tell that Gu Jinglian still took pity on the child.

Although he claimed that he was annoyed by Baby Chus crying, he certainly still harboured affectionate feelings for Baby Chu.

However, Gu Jinglian had always been so arrogant and wild.

It was impossible for him to relent to a child.

Butler Fu sighed.

Carrying the crying child to Gu Jinglian, he instructed sternly, “Master, hug him!”

Gu Jinglian looked in disdain at the crying Baby Chu in Butler Fus arms, who had tears and snot all over his face.

His head throbbed.

Even though he was an influential figure capable of handling any thorny issues, he was utterly stumped by this little child.

Children were such fragile little things.

From head to toe, they were soft and chubby, yet as fragile as a glass.

It was as if they would break if he exerted a little more force.

He did not even know how to hug him.

“Master, children are very easy to coax.

Just hug and console him, and he wont cry anymore! Baby Chu is still young, so you mustnt be so fierce to him! Since youre Baby Chus father, you should at least shoulder the responsibility of being a father!”

A fathers responsibility 

Gu Jinglian sized up Baby Chu with a stiff expression.

After Butler Fus repeated urging, he finally reached out hesitantly, placed his arms under the childs armpit, and carried Baby Chu into his arms!


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