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Chapter 2765: Yearning for Father

Baby Chu snorted.

He waved his clenched fists in the air, as if he was showing off his “martial arts” skills.

“Im not afraid! Didnt you say that youre going to dig out my eyes Just do it! I wont beg for mercy or cry out in pain!”

“Oh” Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows.

He shrugged his shoulders and raised his hand slightly.

Unexpectedly, the single act of raising his hand terrified Baby Chu, who was already on the brink of terror.

Unable to suppress his fear anymore, and he covered his eyes tightly with his hands while clenching his jaws.

Tears flowed incessantly through the gaps between his fingers!

He gritted his teeth and tried not to cry out.

Yet, his shaking shoulders betrayed the fear he felt at that moment.

Butler Fu could not stand it anymore.

He immediately walked forward and snatched the child away from Gu Jinglians hands.

Slightly furious, he chided, “Master, Baby Chu is still young.

You cant scare him like this! The child is so young.

Hell be easily frightened!”

“Isnt he very stubborn” Gu Jinglian disagreed.

“Since hes my son, how can he be so melodramatic”


Uncle Fu asked helplessly, “Dont you feel sorry for Baby Chu”

Gu Jinglian glanced at him, the emotion in his eyes unreadable.

“Sorry for him”

Butler Fu was about to say something, but on a second thought, he realized why Gu Jinglian was acting like that.

He was just not mentally prepared on how he should treat his son!

Men were different from women.

A womans innate maternal instincts would be triggered immediately by the birth of her child.

But men were different.

Gu Jinglian was like that.

Ever since he was young, he had always been indifferent to the concept of a family.

In addition, he harboured no feelings towards this child—Baby Chu was no different from a stranger.

It was indeed quite difficult for him to immediately accept this child as his.

Hence, his cold reaction was normal.

Butler Fu asked in a serious tone, “Master, what do you plan to do with this child”

Gu Jinglian sized Baby Chu up and replied indifferently, “Do whatever you want.”

“Does that mean we can keep Baby Chu in the Gu family” Butler Fus eyes lit up.

Baby Chu seemed to understand something.

His whole body trembled as he yelled, “I dont want to!!”

“Baby Chu!”

“I dont want to be with this uncle! Hes a bad guy! Hes not my father! He wants to dig out my eyes.

Hes the devil king! The devil king!” After Baby Chu shrieked his refusal at the top of his lungs, he could no longer hold back his sorrow anymore.

Sobbing, he wailed, “I want to go home, I miss Mommy, I want Mommy… I want to go home…”

“Baby Chu…”

Baby Chu could not listen to any of Butler Fus consolation.

He wiped his eyes pitifully and burst into tears.

Actually, from the first time he met Gu Jinglian, Baby Chu sincerely liked him.

At that time, when Gu Jinglian brought him to eat KFC, he was still filled with anticipation.

If such a handsome and nice uncle was his biological father, how happy would he be

He has not had a father since he was born.

His yearning for a father was not just a simple fantasy.

However, children were very sensitive and vulnerable.

After spending some time with Gu Jinglian, he realized that this uncle did not like him at all.

In fact, Gu Jinglian seemed to really hate him.

How annoying am I to be hated like that


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