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Chapter 210: Father and son’s confrontation (1)

The Landscape Villa was built according to Chinese traditional garden.

It only has a rocky design garden, pond, and stone pavilion.

And yet when the terraces and the halls were built, the whole villa turn into a complete elegant and luxurious place.

And because of that, who knows how many people in the Mu Family have been jealous of Mu Yazhe.

Mu Sheng’s favor for Mu Yazhe speaks for itself.

However, that is understandable.

This landscape villa was originally built for Jiang Yishan.

But, because she was gone now.

Mu Sheng will naturally spoil him.


After entering the bedroom, Mu Yazhe took Yun Shishi to the bathroom and cleaned up her body.

He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth and has never serve anyone.

So, his actions are pretty clumsy that’s why he hurt her from the time to time.

Right now, Yun Shishi is physically exhausted.

So, even if she wanted to open up her eyes because of the pain.

She can only barely open them, but can’t complain.

Mu Yazhe wipes Yun Shishi’s body.

And while wiping, he found out that she’s thinner than he imagined.

And perhaps, Yun Shishi has already experienced lactation that’s why her breast is quite rounded.

But her wrist, her wrist is small so he can hold it easily.

Her clavicle looks like a jade bone, and her pair of arms looks thin like a lotus.

So, if he will put a bit forced, he’ll definitely break them.

Not to mention, he finds her waist too thin.

So, he thinks a bit plump woman is a little better.

Well, it seems he has a lot of opinion about her.

Is this woman doesn’t eat meat

What happened to her in these past six years

When he first met her, she’s not this thin.

She has a little meat in her body.

Mu Yazhe doesn’t know how hard Yun Shishi’s life become over those six years.

Yun Shishi needs to go back and forth to school because she needed to breastfeed Youyou.

And in order to lessen her family’s expenses, she chooses to live with Yun Yecheng and his family.

But still, she suffers because Yun Liqin keeps shouting at her.

Youyou can remember that his mother graduated in college smoothly, but because she was a single mom.

She suffered a lot of discrimination.

Their family doesn’t have a breadwinner.

She was both an orphan and a widow.

Because of that, she suffers a lot.

Mu Yazhe turns on the shower and washed away the bubbles in her body.

Then, he wrapped her with a bathrobe and carried her to the bed.

However, suddenly, he heard a ringing sound in the sofa.

Mu Yazhe went over and picked up her cell phone.

But, he got stunned when he saw Yun Shishi’s little baby’s picture on the screen. 

When he answered the call, a child tender voice sounded.

“Mommy ~ my dearest mommy ~ when will go back home! The house is so dark and cold, so Youyou is scared.

Mommy go back home quickly ah! Or else Youyou will eat your favorite cake!”

His whining voice sounds so sweet.

But, his arrogance is still showing.

So, it seems he’s being spoiled by his mommy.

Mu Yazhe knitted his eyebrows, he can still remember how this little baby poured him a pot of cold water.

And on that same day, he had an impression that this child is not this soft.

Yun Shishi is my mother.

I will use any means in this lifetime to guard and protect her.

I will not allow you to treat her unjustly, nor make her sad.

Who do you think you are to bully my mom If I ever see you make her sad again, I will make you suffer.

That time, his words are full of thorns and so strong.

But right now that he thought he was speaking to Yun Shishi.

He sounds like a normal six-year-old boy

This child seems like a devil that wearing a human skin.

He’s only six years old and yet he’s so good in acting


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