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Chapter 208: I like to hear your voice

It’s really a big mistake to judge and compare this girl to a cat! Because right now, she’s more like a beautiful and flirtatious poppy flower.

So, he couldn’t help but to get sink deeper and deeper and got addicted to it!

Yun Shishi’s mind completely got awakened with his unexpected action.

And because of embarrassment, she panics and started pushing his chest.

However, Mu Yazhe has always been training his body, so her actions are simply not worth mentioning.

Mu Yazhe bind her wrists with his hand.

“Let go … … Let go of me!

Yun Shishi slowly gasped for breath and angrily stared at him.

But, Mu Yazge was unmoved.

Seeing her tightly closed lips, Mu Yazhe lifted up his eyebrow and ask: “Why are you looking at me like that when you don’t know me, ah”


The man’s sexy voice linger inside her ears.

And to bully her even more, his thin lips open up and gently bite her shoulder strap.

After biting, Mu Yazhe pulled her strap beside her shoulder with his mouth.

And because of that, the strap loosen and her white rounded shoulder got exposed.

Mu Yazhe grabbed the back of her neck with his other hand.

And as if he was an obsessed person, he tried tracing the shape of her snowy white neck with his tongue.

At that moment, Mu Yazhe has smelled her shower gel and natural fragrance.

Yun Shishi completely got scared, but because he was holding her wrists.

She could only complain about her trembling voice: “Don’t… … not here!”


It’s just a word, but her desire for him to stop was blocked.

Yun Shishi is not only feeling shy but also embarrassed.

After all, they were doing this kind of thing inside the car, but her body was trembling in sensation.

This man is always so amazing, right now, his car was parked on the road but they were doing this kind of thing.

So, just by thinking that what if a car suddenly passed by and saw them.

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but want to dig up a hole and buried herself! 

But, what she doesn’t know is that Mu Yazhe has long given his order to blocked the road.

So, there would definitely no vehicle that would pass by.

And compared to her worries, Mu Yazhe is more concerned about her being coveted by somebody else!

However, she doesn’t know any of this so she couldn’t help but get panic.

But, in front of this of man, why she’s always so powerless Why she can’t resist him Why she’s just letting him slaughter her

Yun Shishi felt despair inside her heart, so her eyes got teary and her tears started falling!

However, Mu Yazhe only finds her more adorable.

And because of that, he couldn’t help but want to bully her more!

Right now, his heart is really beating so fast because of her snowy white and tender body.

Her body seems like a blooming flower under the moonlight that was swaying because of the wind.

And because of such a beautiful scenery,  a person couldn’t help but find her more attractive.

Mu Yazhe squinted his eyes, his deep eyes seem were covered in darkness.

And the dark suit that he’s wearing seems like covering her whole body.

Under the moonlight, Mu Yazhe completely took her under his possession inside the car. 

Yun Shishi felt a suffocating feeling, so she couldn’t help but make a sound as if she’s asking for mercy.

And because of him, her back immediately tighten.

Mu Yazhe lowered his head and bite her charming neck.

Then, he put her hands on his shoulders.

However, Yun Shishi covered her mouth with her hands and tried swallowing the humiliation she felt.

Mu Yazhe seems got dissatisfied with her action, so he whispered in her ear: “Call my name.”

Mu Yazhe’s voice seems like a magic because it keeps lingering in her ears.

“Call my name! I like to hear your voice.”


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