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Chapter 2738: Unbearable

Feelings of indignation had now turned to sorrow.

An irritated Gu Jinglian removed himself from the boys hold and left the room while slamming the door behind him.

Surprisingly, the kiddo did not chase after him and, instead, broke down even harder as he collapsed on the ground in despair.

It was as if the whole world had abandoned him.

Much to his dislike, the mafia prince ended up sleeping in a guest room, which was way smaller compared to the master bedroom.

Perhaps, it was due to his personality that he disliked narrow spaces.

Like his raging ambitions, he preferred larger rooms.

While feeling thoroughly antagonized, he stepped into the shower stall and took a cold shower.

After he was done washing up, he lay in bed, but somehow, he just could not fall asleep.

The boys sobs kept echoing on his mind; they practically haunted him.

It had never occurred to him that he would ever come across a child who was not only unafraid of him but also enjoyed his company, for he did not think that he would hit it off with children; after all, most of them preferred adults with affable dispositions, and the termgenial could never be used on him.

No matter how fierce he was toward the kid, be it sending murderous glares or yelling at him, the latter remained unafraid of him, yet the boy actually felt sad over his hurtful remarks.

Why did that kid rely on me for no rhyme or reason

He closed his eyes, only for Baby Chus pitiful face to appear in his mind, which got him jerking his eyelids open again.

He could seemingly hear the boys voice.

‘Uncle, Im scared…

‘Im scared…

‘Other than mommy, youre the nicest person to me in this world…

‘Do you also not want me…

That kid is rather sentimental.

Is he still crying

Surely, he isnt still wide awake and crying in misery because of what I said

Another image surfaced on his mind right at that moment: A shivering Baby Chu hidden under the blankets, not daring to even breathe loudly because he was afraid of the darkness.

Children tended to be afraid of darkness and supernatural existence, and the five-year-old was not immune to them.

He did say some hurtful stuff to the boy earlier; it was only natural for a child to be sensitive.

Besides, no matter how the boy liked sticking to his side, it was only for the time being.

A grown man like him had no need to be so calculative with a child.

The man felt immensely conflicted about the situation at hand.

Half an hour later, the man, in his pajamas, reappeared at the entrance of his master bedroom while having this feeling that he must be possessed.

He pushed open the door, thinking that he would see the scene he had imagined—the annoying brat tossing and turning under the blankets out of fear…

Contrary to expectations, he heard the boys innocent laughter, instead.

“Hahahaha! Thats so funny! Tell me more! More!”

He looked inside, only to see Butler Fu sitting on the bed with a book, titledTen Thousand Jokes, in his hands while the boy cracked up in tears as he lay under the blankets.

Those tears, though, did not flow out of misery but rather of amusement and delight from hearing some jokes.

Gu Jinglian: “…”

What the hell!

Before I left, this imp was wailing badly while sitting on the ground, and now, hes laughing so happily as if he didnt cry at all!


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