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Chapter 2720: Resting on His Legs

Baby Chu looked up only to see the adult looking grim.

Following his gaze, he saw the dirty paw prints all over the expensive leather seat and realized, in horror, that the puppy had gotten into trouble.

He, thus, hurriedly rolled up his sleeves and, under the mans watchful gaze, started rubbing hard at the dirty marks in trepidation.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried to rub them off, the paw prints remained on the seat; it required professional cleaning in order to be washed off due to the oil secretion from the doggys paws.

Looking guilty, the boy wrinkled his brows.

“Im sorry, uncle, but… it didnt do it on purpose.

A grown and indomitable man like you wont get mad at my doggie over this, right”

Is he saying that Im not a man if I get upset with an animal

Is this kid intentionally provoking me

“Listen up, you brat: I dont have the patience—”

“My name is Baby, not brat!” The boy corrected firmly, which caused Gu Jinglian to lose his patience and smash his fist against the door in annoyance.

His action startled the child, especially when he saw his darkening expression, that he immediately clammed up.

The boy carefully shrank himself in the corner and tucked in his head in a bid to reduce his presence.

He then meekly said, “Y-You can call mebrat if you want.

Just dont get angry with me.”

This handsome uncle seems to have a bad temper.

This mafioso decided not to argue with the kiddo, for in any case, the latter was about to be dropped off soon.

He then got in the car and closed the door behind him.

His presence, however, frightened the child even more, which was evident when the latter tried to squeeze himself as much as possible into that corner.

The don noticed this when he glanced over but ignored the kids behavior, instead giving an order to his men.

“Start the car!”

“Do we go straight to the police station, boss” asked the driver cautiously, only to see him arching a brow and coolly sweeping his gaze on the chauffeur through the rearview mirror.

“What else”


The driver broke into a cold sweat and shivered.

He did not know if it was because of his bosss presence, but he somehow felt that the temperature inside the car was lower than outside.

Thus, he quickly turned up the heater.

During the ride, the boy was no longer as chatty as before, though it was probably because his thirst and hunger were satiated and he knew better than to misbehave before the man.

He just sat quietly in his seat while hugging the pup, but before long, he felt sleepy and soon dozed off, which resulted in his body swaying to one side and collapsing on the mans thighs.

Upon feeling a sudden weight on his legs, Gu Jinglian opened his eyes.

He saw the boys head resting on his lap while the latter slept away in relative peace.

What an ingenuous child.

The average person wouldnt dare rest their head on my lap!

Just as he extended a hand to push off the boys heavy head, he heard him mumbling something indistinguishable; the child was probably sleep-talking.

His hand froze in mid-air as he fell into a daze.

From his angle, he could see Baby Chus handsome yet childish profile.

The latter quietly slept with his eyes shut tightly, but from his curled body, it seemed that he did not have much sense of security.

His heart somehow softened at the sight.

He, thus, retracted his hand and crossed his arms before his chest, allowing the little fellow to sleep with his head resting on his legs.


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