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Gu Jinglian frowned when he saw the boy, who had just had his fill, slump into his seat and rub his bulging belly while licking the salad dressing left on his mouth, all along looking incomparably insatiable.

“Are you full now” he asked.

“Hmm, Im full!” replied Baby Chu with contentment.

When the waitress saw that the small one had finished eating, she respectfully came over and offered two toy figures.

“Little boy, these are freebies for the kiddie meals; here, go ahead and take these!”

“Huh Are these for me Dont I need to pay for them”

The waitress was caught in a fix.

“Its not necessary… These are gifts.”

The boy held the two toy figures in his arms like precious treasures; one was a robot cat, while the other was a puppet, and both were exquisitely made.

“Thank you, auntie!” He expressed his gratitude with a sweet smile.

After the waitress left, Baby Chu handed the toys to Gu Jinglian as if offering a tribute.

“Here, uncle; toys for you!”

“No, thanks.”

“You know; these are very cute!” The boy looked at the man with slight incomprehension.

The world of a child was simple, so one could not fathom an adults indifference to adorable toys.

In the end, he pretended to look resigned and said with feigned reluctance, “Since uncle doesnt like them, theyre for me to keep.”

What a cunning brat!

The man got up.

“Lets go.

Ill send you to the police station.”


He hugged his toys and jumped down from his seat with his well-fed tummy.

Unfortunately, he also discovered, with much chagrin, that he seemed to have eaten too much and could not properly walk.

In addition, his feet had gotten worn down to a miserable state after walking all day long.

Earlier, he was too preoccupied with eating to care, but now that he was full, the pain on his feet had become apparent.

Just as the adult turned around, he felt something heavy leaning against his thigh.

He glanced down coolly to see Baby Chu hugging his leg and telling him blearily, “Uncle, carry me!”

The bodyguards following behind them gawked in disbelief.

This boy is so bold!

How dare he ask the boss to carry him

“Cant you walk by yourself” The man ignored the boys request.

The child gave him a doleful look.

“Im so full from eating; I cant walk anymore!”

Following that, he voiced his signature speech.

“Uncle is such a gentle soul; youll carry me, wont you A good person will have a safe and peaceful life.”

The adult looked at the boy grimly from his peripheral view, and just when everyone thought that the mans patience had finally run out and he was about to have a fit, they saw him lean down slightly and take the boy in his arms.

His men were dumbfounded.

Master Gu… has actually put himself down to carry a boy!


One needed to understand that the mafia head had never had much patience for children!

The child was so jubilant that he gave the mans cheek a gentle peck and said sheepishly, “Uncle is so nice!”

Gu Jinglian: “…”

The man felt disdainful of the boys kiss.

He carried Baby Chu into the car, and just when the white puppy was about to climb into the back seat, he kicked it away coolly.

“Get lost.”

The boy gave a scream when he saw that and hurriedly intervened.

“Uncle, why are you so rough The puppy is my good friend; you mustnt bully it in this way!”

Gu Jinglians face became gloomier at once.

Good friend

The child, however, ignored the mans sulking expression and clapped his hands to summon the little doggy.

“Pup, cmon; to my lap!”

The puppy glanced warily at the man and swiftly climbed into the car, leaving its grey paw prints on the black leather cushion seats.



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