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“Mommy…” He mumbled this to himself as tears pooled in his orbs.

At this moment, however, he would never have expected that this incident would become the turning point of his life.

Perhaps, when he recalled this event sometime later in the future, he would even be grateful to these two men who had abducted him.

That realization would only come much later in the future, though.

Later that night.

A police car pulled to a stop in front of a precinct.

The door opened moments later to reveal Chu He dragging a half-naked man with brightly colored hair and his tattooed arms in handcuffs.

“Behave yourself!” She told him with a shove, but the ruffian refused to obey and cursed her, instead.

“D*mn you, b*tch!”

His mouth reeked of alcohol, which got the female cop frowning in disdain as she waved her hand in the air to dispel the stench.

She then aimed a kick at his back.

Caught unprepared, the man took a tumble and fell, face flat, onto the muddy ground.

“Watch your words!”

“What” The man challenged.

“I cant call you a b*tch”

“Sure, you can,” she replied smilingly, then grabbed his hair, and delivered three hard slaps to his face promptly.

He moaned in pain.

“What do you think youre doing!”

“Didnt you ask me a question Well, thats my answer.”

“You stinking b—” He started cursing again, but as soon as she raised her hand once more, he was cowed into keeping mum.

This b*tch has quite the strength in her hand despite being of the fairer s*x.

My heads been rendered numb by those slaps.

Shes a tough character!

“Behave yourself, and youll be spared the suffering; got it” She warned him before dragging him into the bureau.

The moment they reached the doorway, the officer on duty looked up at her and asked, “You got called this late at night”


Someone reported a case of mass gambling, but by the time I arrived, most of them have already slipped away.

I only got my hands on this guy here.

Well, we didnt have enough manpower.”

“Its been tough on you!”

She lifted her hand in acknowledgment while taking the ruffian with her into the interrogation room.

She was getting ready to take his statement when her colleague approached them with her phone in hand.

The female cop did not have the habit of carrying her mobile phone with her when she was out on rounds.

It was for no other reasons than worrying that it might be a distraction and that she might accidentally drop it outside.

The latter happened to her colleague before while working on a police report concerning people taking drugs in a KTV.

It was picked up by another suspect, whom they had failed to apprehend then, and it so happened that the phone was unlocked.

That suspect, thus, took the opportunity for revenge and abducted that officers wife.

It was a good thing that nothing happened in the end.

“I think something happened at your house, Chu He.”

Her hand halted as she looked up with a puzzled frown.

“What happened”

“Your neighbor called to say that something had happened at your house.

Go take leave and hurry back home now!”

She took her phone from him and frowned when she saw that she had indeed received a call from her neighbor, Song Chaoan.

Seemingly understanding her concerns, the colleague patted her shoulder gently.

“You should go back and check things out.

I can help you cover your duties!”

“In that case… Ill leave this place to you and head back first.” She took a glance at the suspect in the room and then added.

“This guy here isnt too obedient.

If necessary, use some violence on him to get his cooperation.

Take his statement and grill him till he reveals the other people involved.”


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