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Chapter 2681: Unforgettable

If it were Mu Yazhe who wanted to find a person, it would take at most half a month for him to find the detailed traces.

In this regard, Mu Yancheng was negligent.

Song Enya was one step ahead of him and got hold of Meng Qingxues whereabouts.

The person on the other end of the phone lowered his voice and said, “Miss Song, we did a carpet search according to your instructions, and weve got the exact trace of that woman.

She fled to a very remote county, living in an unknown village.

We followed her for two or three days and found her going in and out of a maternal and child health hospital in the county, accompanied by another woman.

We later found the doctor who did her maternity examination.

After bribing him, we learned that the unborn child is thirteen weeks old; it seems that the woman wants to give birth to the child secretly.”

The missy clenched her fist at once when she heard that.

Just as she moved to say something, there was a sudden knock at the door.

“Song Enya!” It was Mu Yancheng.

“Which wedding dress did you pick I have to attend a meeting at the company later, so I have to leave soon!”

This startled the woman, and she spoke in a hushed voice to the mouthpiece.

“Well stop here; Ill contact you later!”

After saying that, she hastily hung up the call, put the phone into her handbag, and opened the door.

Upon seeing his impatient face, she felt upset.

“Whats wrong Why are you so impatient I havent finished trying all the dresses, so how can I decide now”

“Wedding dresses only come in a few styles; theres no difference in them to me!”

She walked out of the fitting room with wrinkled brows and looked at the man.

Inwardly, she was thinking that, although this man had agreed to marry her in principle, he appeared distracted during the preparations for it.

He must still be thinking of that woman, right

Otherwise, why hasnt he given up yet in painstakingly searching for that womans whereabouts

That woman was carrying his offspring, after all.

Still, it was the same with her.

Even though the missy was pregnant with his child, she could sense his blatant prejudice.

After all, the child in her tummy came to existence through other means, while the child in Meng Qingxue was sown personally by the man.

In terms of feelings, hes more attached to that child, isnt he

This was something she could not accept!

Just imagine: If he could be so cold to her now when they were not married yet, what would be the case after their marriage

What if that woman successfully gave birth to the child and it turned out to be a boy At that time, the woman might suddenly become enlightened and come looking for him with the child, wanting reconciliation.

The man would inevitably be blinded by love, even just temporarily, then her position in the Mu family, so to speak, would be put in jeopardy!

She had plotted, long and hard, and had come this far.

There was absolutely no way that she would let that woman get away with it!

She had to get rid of that unborn child!

At this juncture, her lips curled into a smirk and a coquettish look appeared on her face.

“Yancheng, why are you so mean to me Youre already so impatient with me when we arent married yet.

You even look reluctant to accompany me for my fitting; Ive thought about it; since were getting married, lets stay good together, alright”

The man furrowed his brows momentarily; her sudden change of attitude was a bit of a surprise to him.

This womans attitude had mellowed a lot recently, and she no longer put on a high and mighty stance with him.


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