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As for the press conference, its live broadcast hit the ten-million mark in viewership while its rerun hit the billion mark in click rates.

Mu Yazhes arrogant and aloof image during it quickly attracted plenty of audiences adoration!


Is he the rumored heir apparent of the Mu Group

He turned out to be so young and amazingly handsome!

The man was famous within the capital, but not many had seen him in person.

He hardly appeared in public and even more rarely showed himself in front of the camera.

As such, in the eyes of many, he was akin to those fops—the frivolous and extravagant sons of rich upstarts—who frequently showed themselves before the media.

However, the man, who appeared in front of the camera that day, had a handsome and extraordinary face, bordering on godliness—his deep and exquisite eyes, high nose bridge, angular thin lips, and distinctive facial contours looked almost too good to be true; even the rare gem of the entertainment industry, Gu Xingze, was not in his league.

The man had such an illustrious status, too!

He was the erstwhile chief of the Mu Group and the contemporary chairman and CEO of Shengyu Financial Group.

WIth such a radiant title added to his portfolio, the public had dubbed him as thenations husband!

He could put his looks to good use yet opted to prove his worth using his capabilities.

Some netizens teased that his performance at the press conference made him a true bluewife slave!

[Have you guys seen the way he looked at Shishi Its so full of love! If I had a man who would look at me so affectionately and dotingly, I would lose myself in his love!]

[OMG! There really exists such a rich and handsome man! God is too kind to him, isnt He There is no justice at all!]

[All the good men aremarried.]

At the same time, many of them noticed some finer details.

[Did you all notice it When the younger boy said that hell keep his mothers surname for the rest of his life, Mr.

Mu Yazhes face showed neither surprise nor displeasure!]

This comment immediately garnered others agreement.

[Hes so gentle and considerate! Take my husband, for instance; after I gave birth to my second child not long ago, I joked that I wanted the baby to take after my surname and his face sank instantly.

He said that, no matter what, the child should follow his family name since Im already married to him; honestly, I dont really care whose last name the child actually takes after, but his retort made me feel disrespected!]

[You can see from that gesture alone that Shishi is loved and respected.]

This topic resonated with many netizens, and for a while, the topic of the childs last name topped the hot search.

A majority complained that their husband was particular over the issue of surnames; at the same time, they envied the fortune of the actress for being able to marry awife slave like Mu Yazhe.

One person by the name of Hua Rong even commented in half-jest: [I got a sudden inspiration after reading all these.

Im thinking of writing a beautiful love story like theirs! If the novel is officially serialized, itll be namedOne Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaires Sweet Love!]


Huanyu was equally dumbfounded by how the matter had progressed.

Qin Zhou and Ji Lin originally thought that once the actresss romance was announced, it would have a big impact on Yun Shishis career; however, instead of losing some of her popularity, her fame became even more securely established.


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