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“Is that even possible” she asked.

“How do you plan to get her there”

Her manager, however, merely winked his eye at her.

“Just do as I say.”

“Yes, sir.”

Two days later, ten major media organizations received invitations from Qin Zhou, who acted at the behest of Mu Yazhe, to a press conference, where his charge would be making a formal apology to Ji Yan.

Days after that, Huanyus official Weibo page finally had a new update.

[Huanyu will be holding a press conference to clarify the rumors regarding our artist, Yun Shishi, and offer an apology to the public.]

This post caused an uproar all across the Internet as soon as it was posted.

What was the meaning of this

Could the company notice actually be a silent acknowledgment of the matter

Some social-media influencers also uploaded pictures of their invitations online, saying that they had received them from Yun Shishis agency for a grand press conference, which would be held a week later.

They also stated that the actress would be offering an in-person apology to Ji Yan and clarify the matter on that day.

This piece of news caused a great stir among the restless netizens.

[Yun Shishi has finally come clean about her being a third party!]

[Shes going to apologize to Ji Yan!]

Many enthusiastic netizens proceeded to leave comments on Ji Yans Weibo page, encouraging her to attend the press conference and receive the apology.

Others, however, commented that she needed not be civil with a shameless hussy and told her to humiliate the other actress by giving a tight slap across the face right in front of all the cameras as soon as she arrived at the venue.

There were even netizens clamoring that they would push Yun Shishi to the ground and trample on her body if they were members of the press invited to attend the conference.

Despite her reluctance to show up at the press conference, Ji Yan eventually agreed to attend it.

This was in response to the mounting pressure and the high expectations from the public and her enthusiastic fans.

She posted: [Ill magnanimously forgive her if she offers me a sincere apology.]

Fans, who felt indignant on her behalf, immediately commented, [Why would you forgive her She doesnt deserve any pity! Even if she tearfully expresses her remorse during the presscon, she doesnt deserve any forgiveness at all!]

[Forgive whom Dont do that! Yanyan, I used to be a fan of that sl*t, but now, Im standing firmly on your side and supporting you in your cause to preserve your relationship and pride!]

[Be tough! Youre the best! Go defeat that shameless hussy!]

The public had a surprisingly high resentment toward the third party of a relationship.

Meanwhile, Ji Yan was caught off guard by the announcement of the press conference.

“Offer an apology Is that even possible Someone as proud as Yun Shishi would eat the humble pie and apologize to me only if shes gone mad!”

“You have to attend the presscon, though.” The head of the PR team told her.

“Huanyu sure played a good game here.

Your absence from the presscon will only cause the public to have veiled criticisms about you.

Whats more; theyve informed all the media about the press meeting.

The reporters now must be eagerly waiting to publish unfavorable articles about you should you not turn up on that day.”


“It wont hurt for you to attend the presscon.

Anyway, no matter what tricks that woman has up her sleeves, all you need to do is insist that shes the detestable third party in your relationship.

If necessary, you can use the usual ruse of injuring yourself to gain the publics sympathy.

Its a good trick that the public always falls for and the reporters look favorably on.

The more shocking the matter is, the more interested the reporters will be.”

She nodded reluctantly.


Im left with no choice in any case.”


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