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To be honest, he really wanted to ask about Mu Yazhes sons, but he found his question to be really ridiculous.

He could not believe that he had lost to two kids, so he was feeling really lousy right now.

However, after much consideration, he decided against asking or saying anything.

During his hospitalization, the online discussion about Yun Shishi did not abate even for a moment.

At first, Huanyu resolved to ignore the matter and give no response, be it an acknowledgment or a rebuttal, for any reaction from it would only fuel the gossip.

Besides, the people from the entertainment company could not produce any substantial evidence to prove that the other actresss words were nothing but vile accusations.

The more they tried to explain, the more likely the matter would worsen, causing things to be in her favor more, instead.

Unfortunately, with how Ji Yan continued to gain momentum through the vilifying articles about Yun Shishi being a shameless hussy, this matter had become a phenomenal affair at this point.

The majority of netizens were criticizing their artist all over the Internet, from forums to Weibo, and it was the same with the news articles about her.

Some netizens even went so far as to dig up old contents of her dating the superstar onThe Love Diary.

The pure and innocent image she had displayed then was now especially glaring to the publics eyes.

Netizens satirized her for being pretentious and behaving as if she were a pure and innocent lotus flower.

What they did not know, however, was that the reality program was actually scripted and that the actress was just doing her job by following the script.

When things got out of hand, several actors and actresses, who got along pretty well with Yun Shishi, stepped forward to show their support for her.

Among them was Yang Mi, who posted a line on Weibo, saying, [The truth will eventually prevail.

Hang tough, girl!]

Netizens then started launching tirades at the celebs who were in Yun Shishis camp.

Yang Mi, in particular, received the brunt of it all, with many netizens accusing her of trying to gain fame.

In a fit of pique, she disabled the comment section and very nearly wanted to shut down her Weibo account, but under the strict orders of Huanyu, she stopped using it for the time being, instead.

Thereafter, Huanyu took swift actions to suspend Yun Shishis Weibo account and strictly forbid the actress from accessing the Internet.

With nowhere to vent their anger, the netizens targeted the production team ofLethal Beauty and the TV stations that were broadcasting the show.

In a unified protest, the masses said that they would boycott any shows the actress appeared in.

This led to a great drop in these TV stations viewership.

Left with no choice, the production team could only temporarily suspend the broadcast on the pretext of rectifying sensitive content.

This was the first time ever that the TV stations and the production team were forced to stop airing a series because of the publics boycott.

The scarier thing was that many fans even banded together to make a scene at the production set ofExtreme Youth.

The superstars fans, however, refused to join them, claiming, “You can boycott the show all you want, while we will do our best to protect it!”

Therefore, Gu Xingzes and Yun Shishis diehard fans teamed up to guard the entrance and protect their idols safety.

Eventually, a fight broke out between the two factions at the entrance of the production set, leading to many people injured.

There was news coverage on this incident, and soon, even the production team ofExtreme Youth announced the suspension of filming.

“We cant ignore this matter anymore.”

Inside the head producers office, Ji Lin had his arms crossed before his chest as he fixed a solemn gaze on the glum-looking Yun Shishi, who was sitting across his desk with a hand propping her head.

He frowned, then added, “Its pointless to feel depressed over it.”


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