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Gao Nan was immediately pushed into the operating room.

The operation lasted for an entire night before he was finally out of the woods.

Youyou actually did not go heavy-handed on the man this time by making him swallow a thousand needles, but the experience still caused the latter to develop aichmophobia, instinctively feeling fearful whenever he saw any sharp objects.

These were stories for another day, though.

He was hospitalized following his surgery.

The next day, when his family rushed over to visit him, he did not answer any of their questions on what had happened to him and only told them that his throat was hurting so he needed some peace and quiet to recuperate.

The truth, however, was that he dared not say anything, for he truly feared the father-son trio.

They were just too evil and vicious, even daring to do what they said.

The boy named Youyou, in particular, was basically a little demon king.

On the third day of his hospitalization, his uncle, Wang Chuande, came to visit.

He sent the rest of their kin away upon his arrival, claiming that he wanted to talk to his nephew alone.

As soon as he closed the door, the elderly man turned and sat next to the sickbed, looking worried.

“Havent I told you, time and again, to stay clear of Mu Yazhes path and not to touch his woman! What have you done, instead You ignored my words, huh!”

As he lay on the bed with his eyes shut, his brows knitted and he kept his silence.

His uncle continued lecturing him.

“Did you naively assume that that man had devolved into a penniless loser just because he left the Mu Group Arent you aware that hes the founder of the recently listed Shengyu Financial Group The people of the Mu Group now cant help but grit their teeth in anger whenever they hear his name.

He, in all those years, controlled the most resources in that corporate empire; following his cool exit, he took with him the companys most valuable resources, so youre no match for him!”

It was the first time the young man had heard of this matter.

Even though he knew about that newly listed company, he did not pay it much attention; thus, he was unaware that Mu Yazhe was its owner.

“H-Hows… that possible” Gao Nan uttered painfully in his fragmented voice.

“When he left the company, many of the core technical personnel left with him.

Some even gave up their jobs, which paid millions a year, to join Shengyu! Dyou still think that the Mu Group is as glorious as how it used to be Its nothing but an empty shell now! Haha! Althougha starving camel is still bigger than a horse, I can already foresee the Mu Groups demise!”

His eyes turned vacant at that.

“I knew that your philandering ways would land you in trouble one day! Dont you know how dangerous pretty women are All men dream of courting fair ladies, after all.

Any pretty lady surely has other suitors besides you, so they always spell trouble! Sure, you can play with the willing ones, but you must never force yourself on the reluctant; who do you think you are Even in our country, there are countless men who are richer and more capable and influential than you! You can only blame your infallibility for this!”

He said nothing throughout.

Wang Chuangde took a gander at his nephew, then he let out a heavy sigh.

“Good thing I managed to help you settle this matter.

As long as you behave yourself and dont go creating trouble for Yun Shishi, Mu Yazhe wont make things difficult for you anymore.”



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