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“What dyou mean by that”

“It was well-said when you mentioned that I used to be so prominent that your uncle had to behave like a good grandson in front of me.

As for tides changing every ten years and me no longer possessing that glory, well, both arent facts when it comes to me.”

He was struck dumb by that.

Mu Yazhe looked at him coldly, then broke into a devilish beam with dancing eyes.

“Im even more powerful than before.”

Gao Nan was speechless as the magnate continued speaking softly.

“Do you think that I cant do anything to you just because Im no longer the Mu Groups president Youre naïve.

I hope that you understand one thing: Even if you were to die in my hands today, your family wouldnt be able to find faults with me.”

He sneered angrily.

“What kinda b*llsh*t are you spouting!”

Youyou got impatient.


Gao, are you saying that you wont clarify the matter”

“You have no right to talk!”

The boys face sank as a sharp gleam flashed across his orbs.

In the next second, Mu Yichen jumped off his fathers lap, walked to the other man, and looked up.

“Pray, tell me: Why doesnt my brother have the right to speak”

Before the adult could respond, a flash zapped across the older twins eyes.

His hand then struck the mans knee with a swift movement.

The playboy gave a muffled grunt, then his face broke into a grimace.

Within a second, his legs gave way and he fell to his knees.

He could feel pain, and this was no ordinary pain!

He did not know how much force the kid had actually used on him, but he heard his bone cracking when the boys hand struck his kneecap.

“Kneel down and talk.”

The man glared at the lad.

Are you kidding me You want me to kneel in front of a kiddo

No way!

Squatting on one knee at that moment, he tried to get up with some effort while his body swayed.

The older boy saw what he was intending to do, lifted his leg, and gave his weakened joint a vicious kick.

This time around, the boy broke the adults completely.

“Ahhh!” The man cried in pain sans a regard for his image as he fell to the ground, holding his knee and stifling a grunt.

Mu Yichen stepped forward.

Without any feelings, he lifted his foot and sent it crashing down the mans knee again.

The broken bone was crushed by the impact anew.

The playboys face became covered in cold sweat instantly.

“Must you suffer some pain before you learn how to behave”

Youyou suddenly stood up, walked up to the man, squatted, and patted the latters cheek heavily with his small palm.

Frowning in disbelief concurrently, he asked, “Am I too gentle with you, so you didnt heed my words”

“What… dyou actually want!”

The man gnashed his teeth.

“Well, you bullied my mother, so cant I bully you in return” After giving a chilling snigger, the boy asked with eyes forming two crescents.

“Lets play a game, alright”

Though the child was smiling, the gloom in his eyes sent a shiver down the mans spine.

This was a look that did not belong to a kid.

The man could only mock his cowardice.

This was the first time he had gotten frightened to death by a childs look.

Youyous words rang lightly into his ears again.

“Do you know that a liar has to swallow a thousand needles”


“I used to wonder: What would a persons reaction be if he were to swallow a thousand needles It must be very interesting, right Do you wanna try it”

The adult backed away in shock; he suddenly realized how terrifying this child in front of him was!

Dont tell me that this kid wants me to swallow a thousand needles!


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